Rusholme Chippy

Chippy and Middle Eastern type kebabs - Wilmslow Rd, Rusholme

Most Recent 03/06/10
It doesn't change much here - it's not great, but just OK. If Kobeda Place and Zam Zam weren't yards away it'd be fine. But the salad and sauces were really poor - the lettuce brown round the edges and the sauces tasted powdery, leaving an unpleasant feeling in the mouth. The Kobeda was alright - not masses of flavour and it tasted slightly like a 'too cheap' burger in texture. The bread was great - a big crisp and light naan, just the job. This place is also more expensive than the other similar places nearby, with small kobedas costing £3.65.
Again we can't see why this place is highly rated - perhaps the name, maybe because you can also get pie and chips and it has a more English feel. Who knows?
Scores out of 10
Meat 7.0
Bread 9.0
Salad/Sauces 4.5
Service/Setting 6.0
Average 6.6

This place is a big hit with a lot of people – the main reason seems to be that it is a old established chippy that also does decent, middle-eastern style, kebabs. There’s nothing better about them than a dozen other places – but they’re fine. Perhaps it’s the contrast with the usual bland chippy fayre that makes them seem so good. Who knows?  As for the place itself: the seating is a bit restricted. The man serving put full salad and salt on the kebab without asking. The salad is pretty poor, and the extra salt is probably unnecessary. He also put too much sauce on– these are slight irritations, but not major problems. The chicken is well marinated and nice, the kobeda was pretty fatty but tasty. The portions are large and the bread good if slightly too doughy. If you’re not a paid up member of the fan club the attraction isn’t all that obvious – unless of course you dine with non-kebab eaters who demand pie and chips, in which case Rusholme Chippy’s got the answer.

Scores out of 10
Meat 7.5
Bread 8.0
Salad/Sauces 6.0
Service/Setting 5.5
Average 6.8


  1. Veterans will tell you that Rusholme Chippy was selling kobedas many years before the other kobeda establishments ever existed and before many even knew what a kobeda was. Unfortunately, for it, it's lost business to the other kobeda joints that have relativley recently popped up over the years. More choice for the consumer and superior kobedas - notably Kobeda Place, current kobeda kings imo (as of summer 2011).

  2. rusholme chippy i beentoo many places but i never had nice food like rusholme chippy nice fresh clean good service nice kobeda nice chily sauce is place too go we been customer rusholme chippy since 1983 never let us down