The Crown and Kettle

Oldham Rd.
The most remarkable structural feature of this 19th century pub is the grand ceiling. The place was closed when it was damaged by a serious fire in the 1990s, and the high ceiling shows clear signs of fire damage. The owners have made a deliberate decision to keep the ceiling in an unrestored state, which provides an air of faded grandeur. It really does need to be seen to be appreciated.

There are several real ales on offer at most times, which makes this a good place to find an interesting range of beer. The two rooms that are served by the bar allow clear views of the ornate ceiling, and these are better places to sit and drink than the slightly bland side room. This pub is usually fairly quiet, and it can be a real antidote to the often too-bustling Northern Quarter at the weekend.

We would really like to rate this pub highly because the beers are good and the place has an attractive interior. However, the cavernous main room lacks the warm and welcoming atmosphere of some other places. This should be a great boozer, but instead it is an interesting old pub that is a bit of a haven for the lover of a quiet pint.

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