Saajan Original (Fallowfield)

Pakistani/North Indian style - Wilmslow Road, Fallowfield
Seekh on naan - £3, bargain
Chicken Shawarma £3.20
Tandoori Chops
June 11
Usual kebab routine, pretty good but slightly cold shawarma. The highlight was the chops, pictured above. The centre of a Venn diagram in which the zones are lamb, spice and smoke. Great, juicy fun.

For once let down - chciken shawarma not cooked properly then inadequately microwaved, lukewarm and a bit poor. Hopefully no long term effects. This won't put us off. Both Saajan establishments are two of the most consistent places around. One mistake won't ruin that for us. Shame though.

Seekh on naan - we asked for chapatii but clearly they forgot, so did we. It was great. £3 incredibly well spent. The fella there is really personable, we got free drinks and a poppadom - as does everyone it seems. Love it. We're just not in Fallowfield often enough.

Excellent Chicken Tikka - the lamb looked good too but we were pressed for time. The salad was a bit tired but that didn't spoil a great kebab. Free popadoms and drinks at £3.30 is a real steal. We love it here.
The mega-picky might say that the chicken tasted a bit too much of generic tandoori powder - the sort you buy in big bags from asian supermarkets - and to be fair that taste was certainly there. But this was massively outweighed by the large juicy chunks of chicken being cooked perfectly - juicy in the middle and starting to slightly char on the outer edges. At this price, for this quantity of well cooked food, with great service, complaints seem ridiculous.

Good guys, good food, good place. We much prefer this to Abduls a few doors down.

Original blurb
Of the four Saajan restaurants reviewed in Manchester this is the only one officially connected with Saajan Halal in Rusholme, which is no bad thing. The menu and set up are almost identical and the kebabs were of a similarly high standard, with the bread possibly better. It is a matter of opinion as to whether the other minor details were preferred over the other establishment's offerings, but everything was of a high standard. The marinade on the meat was slightly inferior and less interesting, and the yoghurt based chilli sauce didn’t provide enough contrast with the yoghurt and mint sauce, but this is not a universal view. The place is light with a large window, and the service is excellent and friendly - with free popadoms and drinks given on a first outing. A very enjoyable visit, in a good location.

Scores out of 10
Meat 8.5
Bread 9.0
Salad/Sauces 8.0
Service/Setting 9.5
Average 8.8


  1. I like this restaurant alot. They have been here for quite a while now, and the Chicken Tikka is what they are famous for.

    I would also like to recommend Mazaa on Stockport Road and Spice Kitchens on wilmslow road. Great ambience in Mazaa, and the food is good. Spice Kitchens are good for lunchtime deals too.

  2. Hello Jonothan and thanks for the comment - do you mean quite new Spice Kitchens in Rusholme?

  3. Jonothan - sorry it took us six months but we finally got to Mazaa too - and it was good. Good little stretch there actaully.