The New Oxford

Bexley Square, Salford
Nov 2011
Not loads to say - the beers still good- great selection, well kept. The place is nice and basic meaning you have as much fun as you bring with you - if that's not too existential. If you like ale just go.

Sep 2010
A few years on and this place is fully bedded in and a bit of a Salford hidden gem. For one thing, as ale fans, it probably has the largest selection in Grt. Manchester - 18 hand-pulls, 3 of which ciders, the rest ale and a further 18 draught products, plus countless bottles and whatnot.  As hoped, a few years settling in has done the place a world of good, the food's pretty decent for the area (especially as the Crescent isn't currently serving hot food) and all other things seemed to have worked out well. The 'blinds and pine' type vibe is still slightly against the real ale ethos but that's pretty insignificant in the scheme of things. We wish The New Oxford continuing success.

For some unknown reason this place was opened as a 'Continental Real Ale Bar'.  Which basically means it's great for beer but decorated like some sort of European cafe - this seems a bit out of kilter with its otherwise 'real ale' vibe and clientele.  That asside, it's a good little place. The beer selection and quality is usually excellent - both cask and bottled. All other things can vary - from staff to punters to food. - It could be great when it's fully bedded in and definitely a welcome stop-off between The Crescent and The Kings Arms.

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