Pakistani Kebab - A6, Stockport Rd. Longsight
Inside and Outside and Chicken Shawarma on chapatti
It's been a while, though it doesn't seem it. Our first ever takeaway curry from Lazeeza was a good experience - staff curry and murgh cholay (chicken and chickpeas) were both form the 'special' section of the menu and very decent. Clean tasting, yet flavoursome and firey. Best takeaway curry for some time. chapatti and whatnot was all good. - We like it here, but don't come as often we might, Longsight's a bit out of the way for us. Definitely worth a trip every now and again.

This was our first visit, as a group, to Longsight. Lazeeza has been mentioned as a possible destination, along with a few others and we had to start somewhere.  The set-up was the usual Saajan style - with an emphasis on kebabs but plenty of other dishes on offer, both standard 'curryhouse curries' and traditional Pakistani such as Haleem, Nehari and Paya - which is the exact same formula at the original Saajans, perhaps Lazeeza took a leaf out of their book, which is no bad thing. And unlike Saajan, at Lazeeza they do the bread in the clay oven, which is always nice and relatively rare for Pakistani places - so all very promising. The kebabs were really good actually - without being remarkably different to anything else out there, just done well.  The main features that stood out as different were the excellent fresh sauces and the crisp and tasty bread, having the dark spots and slight smokiness of the tandoor. The meat was also good and plentiful - if not particularly subtle or different. Lazeeza is right up there with the big hitters in the Pakistani Kebab arena - good kebabs at reasonable prices (£3.20 for both the tikka and shawarma/doner variations). - The masala fish looked very appetising and is one for the future. The place is busy, bright and open and the staff are friendly and helpful. We'll be back.

Scores out of 10
Meat 8.0
Bread 8.5
Salad/Sauces 9.0
Service/Setting 8.0
Average 8.4

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1 comment:

  1. eating in quality is relatively good
    take-away is fair to good
    more recently, im afraid my take out order was delayed and quality was poor. could not help thinking that the staff were simply not interested in providing quality and service. wont be ordering take out again from here.