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The Flavours of Manchester team are fans of real ale and pubs. The detailed pub reviews in this section are not solely based around lunchtime visits, and increasingly they will reflect evening trips. However, the first list below includes details of those pubs we've been too lately at lunchtime and have given a score to. All the score indicates is whether or not it's worth a visit. This is not a serious review, merely a general measure of the quality. It's based on a lunchtime visit with not only the beer but the genreal enjoyment of the trip taken into account - some places that are great at night are dead in the day. The majority of these pubs are in the city centre and Salford, and the ones in different areas have the location mentioned. The second list is of other venues we've been to at lunchtime within the last couple of years but maybe not lately - so we can't fairly score them. However, we've got a pretty good idea of what they're like to drink in (either from weekend or evening trips), and we'll give them a basic yay or nay for now as to whether we'd recommend a visit.

Scored Pubs:

Sinclair’s Oyster Bar 5
The Crown and Anchor (Hilton St) 1
The Unicorn 7
Waldorf 4
Bar Fringe 8
The Marble Arch 9
Odd 7
The Jolly Angler 7
The Castle Hotel 8
Kro Piccadilly 7
Crown and Kettle 6
The Commercial 4
The Bar, Chorlton 8
The Friendship, Fallowfield 6
The Crescent 9
The Old Pint Pot 6
The Old Wellington 6
Micro Bar (Arndale) 6
The Angel 7
Throstle’s Nest, Chorlton 1
Oddest, Chorlton 8
Trof (Thomas St) 7
Pi, Chorlton 9
The Burton Arms 6
The Dutton Hotel 5
Sand Bar 9
The Smithfield 7
The Black Lion Hotel 8
The New Oxford 6
The Kings Arms 8
Britons Protection 8
The Mark Addy 8
The Derby Brewery Arms 6

Pubs that have not been visited lately at lunchtime, thereby preventing accurate scoring. There is an indication of whether or not we would recommend a trip:

Knott Bar - Yay
Kro Bar - Yay
Marble Beer House (Chorlton) - Yay
Lass o’Gowrie - Yay
Kro Abbey (Science Park) - Yay
Hare and Hounds - Yay
Mitre - Nay
Crown and Cushion - not been for a good while - Nay
Wheatsheaf - Nay
Hardy’s Well (Rusholme) - Nay
Piccadilly Wetherspoons - Nay
Hilary Step (Whalley Range) - unlikely yo be open at lunchtime - Yay
Jam Street Cafe (Whalley Range) - unlikely to be open at lunchtime - Yay
Dulcimer (Chorlton) - opens 1-2 - Yay
The Eagle - Nay
The Albert (Rusholme) - Nay
Osborne House Hotel (Rusholme) - if you're in the area already - Yay
Mother Macs - Yay
English Lounge - it's okay but not great - Nay
Bay Horse - pretty dead at unchtime, no real ale - Nay
Millstone - Nay
Centro - dead at lunchtime with no real ale - Nay
City Arms - Yay

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