Middle Eastern Style Kebab House, Wilmslow Road, Rusholme

A good trip after a lengthy absence from Jazera. The kobeda kebab was tasty, if a little charred from overcooking. The salad was decent, and the sauces were fine. No complaints about the bread, which came fresh from the clay oven.
One of the group had chicken with rice (£4.50). The rice was subtly flavoured and prefectly cooked. The (half) chicken was a huge grilled piece of meat. I think the kebabs were a better option on the day, but it's always good to try new stuff. A photo can be seen below.

Jazera is a really good, if basic, Middle Eastern Kebab House. The meat was plentiful, well cooked and nicely flavoured – being slightly more strongly flavoured than most Middle Eastern cafes. The lamb tikka kebab was especially good. The tandoor naan was pretty much as good as it gets. The salad and sauces let the kebab down a little – the salad was very basic, being comprised entirely of (too) chunkily chopped lettuce, onion and tomato, and the sauces consisted of only yoghurt and chilli. That slight lack of attention to detail did not stop these being some of the best kebabs of their type. The setting is basic (which is fine) and the service quick and helpful – just what you want in this sort of place.

Scores out of 10
Meat 8.5
Bread 9.5
Salad/Sauces 7.5
Service/Setting 8.0
Average 8.4

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  1. Me and 2 Friends ate there the a week ago and are all suffering from food poisoning, I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone

  2. I've eaten at Jazera, so many times. Highly recommended, delicious, very reasonable price, clean.

  3. Can anybody provide an adress to this place?

  4. It's on the main stretch in Rusholme on the right if you're coming out of town centre. Yell.com says:
    22, Wilmslow Rd, Manchester, Lancashire M14 5TQ

  5. Flavours, I totally agree with your assessment, spot on mate. As for the scores, I'd say Meat 9.5, Salad and sauces 6.5, so doesn't affect the overall score.


  6. Right - done a map. Cheers Anonymous - LoveKebabHateRacism - like it a lot.

  7. Just returned after a good first trip.

    Have to say i am surprised by the food poisoning post above. They offer a sink to wash your hands in before you eat nearish the food counter which suggests somewhere clean.

    I am always slightly out on the rating the 'Flavours of Manchester' guys. Think you score fat to highly. An average of 8.4 would suggest a kebab of the highest quality...not a 'good' kebab. And i agree this was a good kebab and will be going back.

    Had a Kobeda and the meat was lightly spiced and juicy....perhaps a tad over-salted. Friend had chicken on the bone which was spicier but just as good. The bread was ok and the salad was very good. Really made an effort which is all i ask. Sauce again complemented the meat very well....on the milder side of chilli sauce. So:
    Meat 8
    Sauce 8
    Salad 8
    Bread 6.5

  8. Try the kobeda with ricethe rice is the best i have ever tasted . There is a private dining which we always choose . And the staff are very friendly and we found it a good value for money ;-)

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