Wilbraham Rd. Chorlton

Chicken Tikka on Chapatti - very good
 Early days - not so good seekh kebab

November 2011
Mixed grill 'starter' £7.50 - fine but not as good as the curries, lamb tikka the highlight.

October 2011 - Had a few takeaway curries from here in recent weeks and they've been good. As good as any around these parts and better than most. Tandoor/grill stuff has been good too.

July 2011
First curry takeaway. Good experience. Too hot for some, but I thought well judged. All three curries were distinctly different and tasty. Dall Gosht and Chicken Balti standing out as particularly flavoursome and with attention to small details. - Some of the best takeaway curry round here. Although it really needs more investigation - takeaways can vary a lot from week to week. One slight gripe - 2 forgotten chappati. Only £1 or so's worth in monetary terms but still not good - possibly due to confusion over them coming free with certain dishes. Rice was delicious too - which is a rare thing.

April 2011
Excellent chicken tikka kebab. Everything fresh and well cooked. There's not lots to say (unless you've never had one) - except that one thing that makes the kebabs here stand out are the larger pieces of chicken - meaning they can get nicely charred and remain succulent. Personally I'd prefer more salad, but that's not a major issue. The service is very friendly and helpful too. In our view Eesas has become one of the better kebab places in Chorlton.

OK- so we came back after all the comments about how wrong we were and things have improved in the last ten days. A chicken kebab was good and fresh - none of the dried out coating that was present last time. Same goes for salad, bread and sauces - fresh tasting and to a good standard. All places can have teething troubles and off days - but that's why we come back. We hope Eesas stays like this.

Eesas has only been open for about a month. It's on the site of Abra-Kebabra, which closed before we ever got to sample its food. Not wishing to make the same mistake twice we duly popped in for a couple of kebabs to takeaway. There’s no point dwelling on the décor as you probably wouldn’t eat in – the main issue of the layout is that you can’t see what’s being cooked – or how. The kebabs under glass at the front didn’t look great. They had that darkened look which implies they’d been there too long – by which we infer there isn’t a great turn-over for freshly cooked meat. And so it seemed after trying them – the hardened marinade had formed a sort of outer skin when cooked and the meat was pretty dry.  The seekhs had a strange doner-type tang to them and burger-like texture – draw your own conclusions.  The problems with the meat were shared by the salad – limp and going brown.  The bread and sauces were fine, but not good enough to remedy the situation.
We get the impression that Eesas just isn’t getting enough customers for this type of food. If there's a big enough turn-over the marinaded meat doesn't have time to go dry. Apparently their curry deal (2 curries, 2 naan, rice & chips £11) is popular as are doner kebabs, pizzas and burgers. The guys were nice and we wish them luck but unfortunately this was not a great start from our point of view. However it's early days.


  1. I too had the same problem with the seekh kebabs first time. The next time I visited I told the guy, he explained too me they had a problem with the fridge, so I tried the kebabs again and they were absolutely delicious, juicy and tasty. The chicken and lamb karahi are really nice, cooked traditionally with all the flavours and taste. I think it is very harsh too judge and critisize something you have only tried once. I would recommend too anyone.

  2. "I think it is very harsh too judge and critisize something you have only tried once." - really? We will go back at some point but we can only tell the truth - surely?

  3. I have tried the curries and they were all very nice. With all the right spices and flavours. You should try before jumping too conclusions. About time we had a decent curryhouse in chorlton.


  5. Mike - thanks for the comment. We're careful about not jumping to conclusions. We tried a few kebabs and they weren't the best. There's not much else we can say is there?

  6. I have been to Eesas on two separate occasions. Both times the service was great and the food was outstanding. I and a friend had the apna style lamb and chicken karahi, which were just perfect. We also tried the kebabs, which tasted a lot better then most of the other takeaways out there. I would recommend them to anyone.

  7. So we returned and it seems the difficulties have been remedied - good kebab this time.

  8. just recently visited eesas for the first time to keep it short the food was great.this must be one of the best curry houses around