The Marble Arch

Rochdale Rd.

Won Best Pub, Manchester Food and Drink Awards 2010
What can we say about this place that hasn't already been said? The Marble Arch is easily one of the best pubs in Manchester - and for many people it ranks number one. It has an historic interior (and an attractive exterior, built 1888), a wide range of constantly changing real ales, friendly bar staff and excellent food. The sloping floor and glazed bricks are the stuff of legend, and this pub never fails to provide a welcoming atmosphere for drinkers and diners alike.

Although the food is of a high standard (if a little pricey), the pub is very much a drinking establishment. The room at the back is fine, but the main bar area is the best place to find a seat and enjoy being in a classic northern boozer. There is even a decent beer garden for use in fine weather. Finally, this is the home of the Marble Brewery, and it is a suitably impressive brewery tap.

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