Caribbean FLAVAS

Chapel St. Salford

Sorry no photos as I wasn’t expecting to find this place. Was just passing by and popped in. It’s only been trading a week doing the usual stuff (sample menu – though of course the one in the shop is slightly different) out of a very small but adequate shop front right next to Halal Bites in the Copperheads building. It’s very much a sandwich shop style place – large glass fronted counter with the goodies (curries, jerk, stew, rice & peas etc) behind and on show, which is good. The staff were friendly and on the ball and the food looks pretty good – one slight issue is that the food is in a chiller, and being microwaved to order, which can take a while if there’s a queue. Whether you agree with a place essentuially dishing out all its food microwaved is another story. On the one hand there's a bit of me that resents it as fake and a bad starting point as a customer and on theother I question whether it really  matters for 'wet' food - I do it at home to good effect and other places surely do it behind closed doors. In all honesty I was only peckish so went for a snack of ‘Jerk in a Flat Dumpling’. However this turned out rather large – about 8” round and ¾” thick, with a decent amount of tasty filling. Something akin to a ‘Caribbean Calzone’, though the dumplings are more scone like than bready. Nothing fancy in the slightest, but hot, filling and decent for £1.80. Can’t grumble. There are two stools, so you can technically eat in but that’s not really what it’s about here.

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