K2 Curry Lounge

 Cheetham Hill Rd.
The good hearted but slightly eccentric nature of this place continues - this time in the form of a free plate of chips.  Decent kebab for £2.50 though, excepetional bread form the tandoor.

Is it fair to go somewhere midday Monday? We don't know but if it's open they should have something to offer. K2 used to have a rice and 3 style arrangement but now don't. In fact there was no food on display at all. Though I was assured it was available... hmmm. Anyway the fella here is very polite and accomodating and seemed to honour the old rice and 3 arrangement out of good will as he remembered me.  Instead of rice I ordered chapatti - and was assured I could have more than one if I liked. I liked. The meal pictured was tasty - if a bit oily and generic. I left the curry selection to him - it was one of those days, being duly rewarded with the Holy Trinity of lamb, chicken and chana. The salad and bread were nice touches and £4 is a good price for that array of stuff - the two tandoor roti were probably the highlight.  I like it here, but have had completely different dining experiences everytime - so it's difficult to recommend. Or really criticise - as we've had plenty of decent food each time and always paid only £4.

Slightly bizarre today - we went for the rice & 3, which means 3-6 curries being hot and ready blah blah blah. When we found out they weren't doing this anymore we were on the verge of leaving when we were told we could still have the same deal form the cold curries at the front - the type that are usually more expensive.  So, never ones to miss an adventure or a bargain we contiued. They only had enough rice for two, the third (me) was offered a couple of roti instead. Sure enough we got rather large helpings of these curries with rice and a few chapattis for £4 a pop. Great bargain really with the slight gripe of the microwaving of large plate of food not being entirely thorough - not a major complaint under these circumstances. It's hard to recommend this place because we've no idea what you'd get if you went. Each time's been dfifferent. The one saving grace is it's always cheap and the guy running it is friendly and helpful, if not always understandable.

First Trip
K2 Curry Lounge is an interesting place. It looks and feels like a kebab outlet – with an almost identical menu to those in the surrounding vicinity. The marinading skewers are visible – as are all the usual things. However, at the end of the long counter are the familiar steaming pots indicating I was in Curry Café territory. Having been in once before but never having eaten I (yes, another solo trip) was intrigued as to what the ‘curry buffet’ entailed.  In short it seems to be a plateful of whatever you want. The very obliging fellow behind the counter started spooning rice on to my plate and asked if I wanted more – then proceeded to go through each of the five curries, seemingly waiting for me to say 'when'. He waited a while for that. He then offered salad and yoghurt sauce as well. This resulted in a very large plate of food.  It was good too – although no lamb, other than keema, was available. It's hard to tell if that was an economic decision or merely a case of what was there on the day. In all honesty it felt slightly wrong asking why something wasn't there when I was getting so much - so I didn't bother. The chicken, chana, aloo keema and tarka daal were all pretty decent. The assumption with a buffet is self service and you can go back for more.  However, it hadn’t been self service and I’d already eaten so much that it seemed churlish to ask if I could have more – particularly at £4. For food quantity/price K2 Curry Lounge is hard to beat – though you might prefer a little less of something slightly higher quality, but there’s nothing wrong with the food here. Also there's something quite comforting about not having to run the gauntlet of which staff member you're going to get and if they're feeling generous or not  and therefore if you'll need a chapatti or not (Yadgar springs to mind) etc etc - either that or I'm a pig - or a bit of both - in either case I will return.

Return trip with reinforcements - same again, £4 - which was encouraging and this time we served ourselves. So again, loads of food - too much for some diners who couldn't help getting over excited. This time there were also chicken wings and spinach and the rice was nicely flavoured.  It was all decent and excellent value - though one issue remains: Do you want/need tons of pretty decent but not amazing curry? - For a special occaision you'd pay a couple of quid more for better food and for a non-descript lunch you don't need a staggeringly large palteful.  So when is it a K2 day?  I can't really answer that - or possibly it's stupid to ask. If you want loads of grub for £4 go.

Key Ingredients 14.0 (out of 20)
Other Food 7.0 (out of 10)
Service Setting 8.0 (out of 10)
Value for Money 4.5 (out of 5)
Range 3.0 (out of 5)
Average Rating 7.3 (out of 10)

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  1. I went to this place only once and never again, I was sick for three days with food poisoning. I had chicken tikka kebab with some yogart source and some chicken wings. I will never go this place again, I won't go ever again even if it was free, never mind pay again to get ill. My friend with me also fell ill with food poisoning, he also had a chicken kebab. We both shared a plate of meat curry. We did not go for the buffet deal (which would have been much cheaper). Quality of food and taste of food was poor, is much better in Lahore Kebabish few doors away on the same block, but if you want some better quality Indian food better go to Original kebabish down the road or Akbars in city centre.

  2. My family ordered lamb burgers and recieved chicken burgers, which were absoloutley dried out and looked and tasted a couple days old and disgusting! they were rock hard and uneatable. we couldnt even see the burger in the bun at all! the service was absolutely appauling, the workers didnt understand a word we were saying (hence the chicken burger). they had ran out of cheese for the meal deal offer, of a CHEESE burger! but we stupidly still ordered. if u really want a decent burger or food, DO NOT come here !


  3. Shame. The original k2 from my native Blackburn started out as a ropey looking but really good kebab place. They also do butter pies to die for and you can have real curry on your chips (proper chips, not fries)