The Cedar Tree

Thomas Street
Again a 'proper' restaurant, again in the evening – so again this review is in the ‘sundries’ section. In a lot of ways The Cedar Tree is the restaurant equivalent of the curry cafes and kebab houses we usually frequent in the name of journalism for this website - and in fact is right next door to Yadgar. The food is unfussy Lebanese – meaning it’s certainly not a million miles away from the food in somewhere like Caspian, which is ‘Persian’. There’s plenty of grilled meat, tasty dips, hot and cold mezze - decent salad, falafel, vine leaves etc. and you bring your own booze for a modest corkage fee. After a couple of trips the best option seems to be to go with a reasonably large group, have loads of starters and a few mains, if they take your fancy - this policy allows for maximum variety minuimum disappointment. A party of about seven of us had most of the menu twice, brought plenty of booze and left paying £15 including a tip (plus the alcohol) – seems silly to argue with that for a feast on a Friday night. It wasn't subtle food - but, to be fair, it wasn't a subtle night out.

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