Wilmslow Rd. Rusholme.

July 2011
Great chops and tasty curries, but unfortunately the sit down curry isn't always what you're after and I wasn't today, just too heavy and rich, without much variety. I think the rich meaty dishes would be better complimented by fresh chutneys and salads, but it's just not on the cards here. In winter I love it but when really hot outside I'd prefer a few more palate cleansing options.

Mar 2011
When it's on form it's great - rani kebabs and trad karahi gosht were vast and fantastic. Whether you're into the place in general is more of a style issue also the service is not quick. However if you're happy munching on poppadoms and waiting then you could be in for a treat. As well as the TKG the Handi dishes, particularly king prawn, nihari, and the grills (esp. chops) are recommended. We can't wholehearted recommend Darbar  as a 'must go', as it's definitely not flawless and has had some dodgy spells. But order the right thing on the right day and we feel it's as good as anywhere - and an old favourite of ours. 

Feb 2011
Great food, slightly let down by being really noisy. The food here is still as good as anywhere - with the Tradtional Karahi Gosht being second to none. It's a shame it's got more flash and loud over the years - we preferred it a bit more quiet and a bit less bling. If you're into that sort of thing and good food Darbar's one of the best. 

Darbar has unfortunately gone the way of many Pakistani places that are trying to shed the old-fashioned (poor) curry house image.  Understandable in itself, but is not achieved by sticking a massive tele on the wall, having silly flashing lights and hiking up the prices. – Thankfully the chef remains the same and is one of the best around.  On its day the food is as good as I’ve ever had of this type.  However you have to order the right thing. There are certain expectations of what dishes curry houses will have available – so even though Darbar has the traditional stuff they still have the base sauce curries too – which are OK but unremarkable.  Stick to the fresh grills – juicy and subtly marinaded and the ‘chef’s specials’ – Karahi Gosht on the bone, Nihari, traditional Korma, Handi, etc and you’ll probably have an excellent meal.

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