Pie, mash and peas
One of the more exotic drinking vessels.... Kwak.

June 2012
There's little more to be said about this place - top drawer. Any negatives? gets full pretty quickly as it's busy and not massive. That's about it. Easily one of the best bars in Manchester. Can't really fault it. Espeically as there's an extra pump - so we're up to 5 with one being cider and the others a great range of ale.

2011 -September. Still go loads, still really like it.

2011 March
Pi has remained on top of its game  - clearly such a good concept that there's now one thriving in Liverpool too. They've kept it simple and reasonably priced on the food front, offer an ever changing and varied selection of well kept ales (impressive with only three pumps) and continue to baffle the uninitiated with the extensive bottled beer range - 75 or so I think. The staff and service remain as good as anywhere and we wish them contnuing success. Seems astonishing nobody has copied the complimentary peanut idea - so simple but people love it.

A meal for 2 comes to around £14.50 - is that expensive for a decent place? Not in Chorlton. Is it expensive for pie, mash and peas? Compared with a chippy maybe, but we all know you're paying for more than the food and the product is good. In our view you get decent food in a good place for a decent price. One other thing... we know cider and Guiness drinkers who aren't particularly happy with the draught situation - ie no Guiness and usually no other stout - often only perry or very strong ciders available on draught. - This doesn't effect us but Guiness and Strongbow folk might be put out. It's very much an intentional strategy  not to serve generic booze and Pi sticks to its guns on this one - fair play.

This bar has become a firm favourite on the Chorlton scene. It usually serves three draft real ales and one cider, with Bank Top's Flat Cap being the one permanent beer available. There's a good selection of continental draught lagers and a huge array of bottles.  Pi is a small place, and consequently feels lively even when there aren't many people inside. A key feature is the food served. This is restricted to inexpensively priced pies from Pieminster. These are available with minted peas, gravy and a creamy mash. The food is hearty and very tasty.
The staff in Pi are extremely friendly, and they offer free nuts when you get a pint at the bar. This is a small gesture, but helps to make the punters happy. There are also mini salamis on offer (not free, but they go very well with a beer). Finally, the bitter is always served in the traditional 'dimpled' glass with a handle. This is an excellent bar, and is one of the best places to drink in Chorlton at the moment.

After numerous visits Pi has remained consistently good and most notable of all the service and general atittude in the place is second to none. If we gave awards it would win one for customer service - shame we don't.


  1. Yeah Pi is a great bar but great customer service? Extremely friendly? The staff here are the most miserable bunch of people I've ever met. Been coming here for years and never seen one of them smile. Far better service at.. Proof, Jam Street, Hillary Step, Oddest, Parlour, The Beech, The Bar etc etc.

    Love the blog though boys. Keep it up!

    Ps. Marble is another great bar spoilt by miserable bar staff.

  2. Well to be fair that bit was written in 2009 - at which point it did seem notably better than other places, customer service-wise, however I still find everyone really friendly there - perhaps other places have improved so the difference is less obvious. Or maybe I've just got a lovable face - who knows? Cheers.