Shiva Tandoori

The Quadrant, Stretford
Mixed Grill
October 2011
Shiva has been around a long time - which is both good and bad. It's purely a takeaway, which is a bit of a shame as it's got the old style curryhouse vibe - flock wallpaper, well mannered and well dressed staff, soothing music etc etc.
The down side of this is that the menu is pretty old fashioned too - I doubt I really need to describe them. In these circumstances I tend to go for tandoor meat as the curries are pretty bland. It's been a while since I went anywhere that did all tandoori dishes with a naan and veg curry sauce inclusive of price. - There's no point going on and on about it, I'm sure anyone reading this blog knows exactly what to expect - decent and tasty but not massively exciting, sometimes that hits the spot - but most of the time you (well - certainly, I) want more interesting and authentic stuff. Generally places like these do the starters well and Shiva is no exception - limp as the picture makes it look the samosa were great, onion bhajees too.
....In all honesty I think there are loads of places like this - catering for an audience who don't want traditional dishes but the Anglicised, 'curry after the pub' type stuff. Fine if that's your bag but I'd rather something less generic most of the time - once in a while though it can be a comforting reminder of where your love of curry probably started.

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  1. well I urge anyone to try their lamb saag... it's the best I've ever tasted (and I've tried a lot)... fresh fresh spinach, crunchy onions and lots of tomato... nowhere competes on taste... Swadesh in Didsbury is a close 2nd because they use fresh spinach too and there's lots of lamb, but the taste isn't a patch on Shiva's recipe and Swadesh is twice the price !