Helen Bakery

Stockport Rd, Levenshulme.

This is possibly the most basic place we’ve ever been to. Two things are served: Naan and Naan with spiced mince, tomato and chillies. The latter is sometimes called keema naan, however we think that’s just to make life easy for people and it doesn’t do this dish justice. Also, keema naan is usually stuffed with mince. On the menu this is referred to as Lahma Bil Ajeen – which is an established Middle Eastern dish somewhere between an open meat pie, a cheese-less pizza and a keema naan. The plain naan are 4/£1 which is a great deal. The Lahma Bil Ajeen was £2. They advertised Shawarma Naan at £3, but there was no sign of it.
The Lahma Bil Ajeen were great actually – rather rich due to the oily lamb, but the addition of tomato and chillies stopped them being a stodge fest. Also greedy fellas like us would need two for a good feed. But at £2 how can anyone complain about anything? Obviously there’s no real point in coming back to try other things as there aren’t any – but if we were in the vicinity we’d happily return for a couple of these beauties, or if you lived near by and were cooking dropping in for the fresh naan to accompany the meal would be really convenient. At 25p a go it’d be rude not to. Great little place and sometimes it’s a relief not to be bombarded by a 200 item menu.


  1. I have been to this place while wandering around in Levenshulme. I was attracted to the fact that it served Lahm bi Ajeen. Having lived in Abu Dhabi for a while where Lebanese food there is what Indian food is to the UK, and that this was a favourite take away of mine while I was there, I had to try it. I was dissapointed. It was edible but it did taste very different from an authentic Lebanese Lahm bi Ajeen. The texture of the bread was different and so was the spice mix they used in the mix. And they served them in Pizza boxes which isn't the traditional way. But edible nonetheless.

    Good blog.

  2. Thanks for the comment. So do you think that this is essentially a pizza oven issue? -Or was the spice mix just totally wrong?

  3. helen bakery is an amazing bakery and takeaway. the food served there is very delicious.I like it