Wilmslow Rd. Rusholme.

Full-on, table service, Curry House. - This blog is more about the cafe type places, so I won't go on and on.

I like Sangam – some people think it’s ‘the best in Rusholme’ but then you kind find someone who’ll say that about anywhere. One thing it is, in my view, is one of the most professional. It’s very clean, has  good service, is welcoming to families and always provides freshly cooked food – even if you arrive at midday the poppadoms are fresh, not yesterday's, like elsewhere- pakora crisp not microwaved, you get the idea. Personally, I’d prefer more authentic and interesting food but it’s still good, just a tad generic. On my last visit three of us had a bhajis and chops starters and a Machalay Roasti (cod), Lamb Roasti and Mixed Grill for our main courses.  I can’t really fault anything but I couldn’t honestly get excited either. Fairly generic, but definitely  good generic. And it wasn't bad ordering I've been through the majority of the chef's specials and traditional dishes over the years. Nothing jumped out as all that interesting - but big and tasty, yes. Sometimes I really fancy plentiful, rich, buttery dishes, colourful rice and sizzling platters of bright red tandoori – and when I do Sangam’s probably my first choice.

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