Curry Buffet, Wilmslow Rd. Rusholme.
Some main course curries - notice the trotter!
Sep 2011
Almost exactly the same, but no naan. great value at £5.49 - oh and they had 'chicken pineapple'.

Aug 2011
TABAK is a curry buffet restaurant, the price increases over the day as does the number of dishes on offer. As a 'rice & 3 for a fiver' type guy this set up appeals to me. The deal is £5.49 until 5pm, then goes up to around £8 or £8.50 - with the promise of both better quality and more choice - and possibly again to £11.50 later still. I visited at around 12.30 - it was open, though only just. There was a reasonable selection available, who can grumble at £5.49? First in line were salads, pickles and chutneys, which I think is a nice touch as I like going back to these items long into my main courses. Starters included veg pakora, veg samosa, tandoori chicken wings and seekh kebabs. The mains were more interesting - featuring Paya (trotters), chicken karahi on the bone, brinjal (aubergine), mix keema and daal, tarka daal, mushroom masala and chicken korma. - Reading between the lines this is all the cheap stuff - no real lamb meat, only the gelatinous trotters. The chicken on the bone had plenty of bone, the korma wasn't great and the rest were veg. But this isn't really a criticism. I like those types of dishes and making the most of less than prime cuts is probably a good thing. Yes it was a bit rough and ready, in huge pots, not finished nicely with swirls of cream and almonds, but who cares? I don't like those fancy Rusholme restaurant flourishes anyway. What's more, the rice was excellent, flavoured with cloves and peppercorns and there was plenty of fresh naan. There's little point mentioning the dessert - so I won't, even though I just did.  I'm intrigued to see what comes out later at night - but at £5.49 can anybody not think this is a good deal? I'm sure anyone who likes the rice & 3 approach would approve, those wanting sizzling platters, being asked if you're OK every 2 minutes and buttery sauces may not.

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