Zam Zam

Middle Eastern style - Wilmslow Road, Rusholme
August 2010
Unfortunately ZAM ZAM has now closed - something else is coming, no idea what:

June 2010 - Same again - still really good.

April 2010 - Single Kobeda (pictured) for £2.99 is a bit of a bargain.

Zam Zam is a new Middle Eastern kebab house, sited on premises most recently used by West Bank Takeaway. This was previously the much loved 'little' Shezan. It has few surprises in terms of the food available, but the menu is limited even by Middle Eastern standards. Zam Zam produces this food almost faultlessly, and with excellent and friendly service. Of particular note was receiving the components of the kebab separately - which helps prevent getting soggy bread if you're eating slowly or like a lot of sauce. The modern decor and large television, playing continual music channels, will not be to all tastes. However, these are the only criticisms of an excellent kebab house.

Scores out of 10
Meat 9.0
Bread 9.5
Salad/Sauces 9.0
Service/Setting 8.0
Average 8.9

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  1. getting the bread separately is always a winner - especially for takeaway !