Afghan Cuisine

Wilmslow Road, Rusholme 

Latest trip 25/03/2010
This was the first time that the Flavours of Manchester team have tried Afghan food. The previous visit was a pretty standard kebab trip some time ago (review below). Having been underwhelmed previously we decided to go for the 'Special Dishes' - which have been complimented and recommended by others. The results were a revelation. We ordered Qabily Pillow (left) and Manto (right) - also called Mantu. The first of these was a 'biryani style' rice with lamb on the bone, sultanas and and thinly sliced carrots. This was served with a side dish of lentils, meat and potatoes in a spicy sauce. It was excellent and very filling, with the rice cooked beautifully - the lamb stock really contributing to its flavour.The Manto was a delicate ravioli style 'dumpling' with minced lamb in the centre - not a million miles away from Chinese steamed dimsum or Tibetan Momos. The sauce was made of lentils and yoghurt, and was subtle and delicious. A genuinely interesting main course. The order also came with a really tasty salad served with fresh parsley and olives. Both dishes were less than £6.

                              Qabili Pilau and Manto

Kebab review
The one, overtly, Afghan restaurant/café in Rusholme.  The menu reads pretty much the same as the other Middle Eastern [No, Afghanistan is not in the Middle East but the menu is very similar] kebab places, with a few additional, interesting looking dishes.  The main difference when eating a kebab here are the sauces, which are significantly different to the others – pleasantly fresh with coriander in them.  There’s not all that much to separate the kebabs at this establishment from other OK Middle Eastern type places – quite subtly flavoured but plentiful meat, OK salad and decent bread.  The service was friendly but slow. Due a revisit. Perhaps diners here would do well to sample the more overtly 'Afghani' dishes rather than get the same sort of kebab they can get in another ten venues.
Scores out of 10
Meat 7.0
Bread 8.0
Salad/Sauces 6.5
Service/Setting 7.0
Average 7.1

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  1. Again I think you've got this wrong, for as start Afghanistan isn't in the Middle East it's central Asian and there's no point comparing the kebabs here to other places as that's not what differentiates it. Afghan cuisine serves 3 dishes that you probably won't find anywhere else in Manchester.

    The Manto, a kind of Afghan ravioli is awesome, as is the lamb and rice, and there's another speciality dish who's name I've forgotten but which was really enjoyable. The portions are excellent too.

    These dishes are what "differentiate it from other middle-eastern places"


  2. the Qabli Pilau is the lamb and rice dish - I'd definately get that next time you're there the meat is great !

  3. to be honest Afghan Cuisine is my favourite place in Rusholme these days precisely because of the identikit menus everywhere else, it's the only place that does anything different. when I was first driving and working holiday jobs nearly 15 years ago now i used to go to Rusholme loads and ate at loads of places, I went to University in Bradford and when people used to say the curry there is good I always used to correct them, but in the last 5 years I reckon rusholme's gone downhill - or perhaps I don't go and try enough places anymore. We used to go a lot to Mister Khan's and Akrams Oasis was a big favourite while it lasted - I still have fond memories of my fist chicken tikka madras there on news years day 1996 - when it changed to lal qila it was still good, but last time I went it was dreadful and i'll never go back. I'm sure Shere Khan - I used to get breakfast there ocasionally (those were the days) - was better 10 years ago too, I haven't been there in a couple of years now. I've heard the lal qila express is good so I will try an check that out.
    if you're ever in Bradford the only place I rate (and is rated by the chef at RoyceBalti Palace in Chorlton and my brother in law in Oldham) is Shimla on great horton rd, I've not been for 4 years (and it's been 10 since I graduated) but the chicken tikka kebab there is brilliant.


  4. i will definately try zam zam in chorlton - have you been to Royce Balti Palace, some of the specials are really good


  5. when you go to Royce you're best off going in the week as they tend to be quite busy at the weekend and the quality suffers a bit.

    will let you know how I get on at zam zam


  6. I WENT THERE THIS WEEK and it is the most worst place to visit , the staff are rude and quiet racist .

    they were trying tell me how this is not no indian food this is afghan food so this is how you cook the food when clearly we told them they got the wrong order.

    futhermore i found hair in my food , not once but twice

    so basically this is the worst place to go to , rude staff, wrong orders and hair . this is a waste of money and time

    DO NOT GO THERE !! :)

  7. I 100% agree with the above comment. I was in Afghan Cuisine last night when a group of 3 diners arrived and I must state here, they were very polite looking. After ordering the food when last one of them was about to go up stairs to take the seats, one of the so called chef got angry at him because he asked the so called chef that he should be more polite to his customers. The so called chef then pushed and threatened the customer who wasn't expecting this at all. The chef was very aggressive but the guy who was taking the order, took him away. The customer eventually left asking his friends to leave, who were his guests (telling the order taking guy), and politely masking the situation from his friends saying that the food they wanted to order is not available. In our culture, if you have guests (including female) you would keep away from creating a scene so that your guests do not feel unwelcomed (I beleive you would have the same). Same did this customer who remained calm to others while in a bad situation (although he seemed very angry and his face was red like I have never seen before).

    I wonder why would a restaurant which is running so well, employ such people who are aggressive for nothing or at least have no sense of respect. Although I myself wasn't affected by the incident last night, I would never ever go to my favourite Afghan Cuisine unless I have a dozen bodyguards and so on. Other can choose their own protection.

    Lastly, I am not against any country or its people but I have to say that there are bad people everywhere. "One bad fish spoils the whole pond".

  8. i have never ever had a bad experience at this place. it's the best place to eat is rushholme me thinks. food is awesome, great service and excellent eating experience. there's no hussle and bussle, just a quiet, tranquil place where you can enjoy your food!