Jerk Junction

Jerk Chicken + Rice & Peas

Curry Goat + Rice & Peas
Ackee & Saltfish + Rice & Peas
Brown Stew Steak + Rice & Peas
Oxtail with Rice & Peas

170 Manchester Rd - Whalley Range/Chorlton.

January 2013 - Won't bother mentioning every trip - I go regularly and love it. Never a bad day.

August 2012 Oxtail, Brown Stew Steak, Jerk Chicken, Jerk Pork (when it's on) & Curry Goat all thoroughly recommended. I'm kind of running out of things to say about Jerk Junction. I've heard a few negative things about the takeaway service and fair enough if that's the case - but other than that and the microwaved patties this place is pretty great. Let's hope this remains the case.

July 2012
And another trip, this time for Oxtail. Superb. Not fancy, just great.

Finally got round to trying the Brown Stew Steak. It was delicious. It reminded me of a Nihari to an extent. Large chunks of slow cooked meat, off the bone in rich broth with not much else in it - the only other discernible ingredients were a few red peppers. I perked it up with a good dash of hot sauce. Rice & Peas, as ever, were great. Almost anything on top of them would be great.

June 2012
Loving this place at the moment. Ackee and Saltfish was a first for me. It will probably never replace Curry Goat as my favourite, but was a welcome change. Shame the Jerk Pork wasn't on.

May 2012 - Really getting into this place. I hadn't had the Curry goat in nearly 2 years so thought it was about time. It was great (pictured third down). I think there's less variation between  places when in comes to this tradittional dish - the recipes are more similar than the Pakistani or Indian equivalents. I may be corrected on this but I think it's due to this type of curry being more dependdent on pre-mixed dried seasonings and therefore the variations between spice blends is less apparent. Whether this is good or bad depends on your perspective-  the good side is I've never had a bad one. But possibly a not very interesting one; however I don't partake regularly enough for this to be problem. Although I might start! - The hot pepper sauce was a nice addition, not too runny and more flavoursome than many others. Plenty of tender, spicy meat on the bone with a rich, delicious sauce, rice and peas and piquant sauce for a bit more fire. What more do you want?

April 2012 - 
Been a few times this month and have enjoyed it. The service and food were great. Jerk chicken was excellent - a good portion with sauce for £3.50 (pictured top). The patties were from a packet and microwaved, so no great as they steamed in the packet and became a molten soggy dumpling - and not made by Jerk Junction. However that's not the reason to come here. Jerk Chicken and Curry Goat are great, the portions are good and the staff were helpful and friendly. Salf fish next time maybe.

Visit on 08/07/2010
This place was formerly known as Rhythm 'N' Rice. It is very close to the junction of Upper Chorlton Rd and Seymour Grove - hence the name. The food in here is West Indian, with main courses that include Curry Goat, Jerk Chicken and Ackee & Salt Fish, Oxtail etc. The standard smaller and side dishes are the usual stuff: fried dumplings, patties, rice and peas etc. We went for the classic Curry Goat with rice & peas. It was superb - essentially rice and kidney beans cooked in coconut milk, the goat was on the bone, making it succulent and very tasty. The portions were large, and they justify the £5.50 price tag. We ate on the decked terrace area - which is a pretty good place to watch the world go by. The staff were pretty surly; it's hardly Starbucks - "can I get you guys a mocha-frappaccino" style service. In fact almost no words were exchanged at all - but this is fine by us and not all that different form the usual Curry Cafe experience, in any case the food more than makes up for this. We feel that this place is worth checking out - perhaps next time we'll try the jerk chicken and pork from the barbecue.


  1. I don't know if Flavours of Manchester uses the word hello but when I go into Jerk Junction, they're ALWAYS friendly, even if a "Hello, what would you like" or a "hello", I reply, then I'm the hungry one, I say what I want. I prefer the food now than when it was Rhythm N' Rice. It was Polish owned before Jerk Junction and I'm sorry but Polish don't know how to cook caribbean food and even taking my Polish friends there from Old Trafford agreed that Jerk Junction food is better than Rhythm & Rice was. All their food is great I get so much from Jerk Chicken dinner alone I have to either force to finish or leave for the next day. Best caribbean place in Chorlton.

  2. I've only been in twice but have found them to be very friendly both times, and the food is ace :o) Taking home a nice big portion of chicken, rice+gravy, and some plantain is a winner and makes a nice chance from other takeaway!

  3. Perhaps they were having an off day when we arrived, who knows? But we can only write about what actually happened. In fact we've heard anecdotes from folk who've had experiences similar to ours - but we won't write second-hand information as proof of anything. As stated in the write-up, it was no big deal at all:- 'fine by us'.

  4. We went to Rhythm and Rice a couple of times. The food was delicious but the service was so poor we haven't been back. Sorry to read that things haven't improved that much under new management.


  6. Just been to Jerk Junction, first but not last time! Service very friendly, but a bit lackadaisical - if you want trained waiters, go to McDonalds! The food is really superb, very reasonable and lots of it.

  7. I agree with other comments, this place is not too inviting. I had the lamb chop meal with rice and peas. The food wasn't bad, but I wouldn't go out of my way for it unless you're really craving Caribbean food.

  8. first time ordering from JJ-we placed an order for delivery and were told it would take about 20 mins. after an hour waiting, we called them back to see where our delivery was; after some confusion from the staff, the told us "there was a mix up" and the woman who took our order didnt know that there wasnt a driver available for deliveries!! they took our number so could have easily called us to tell us this but obviously had better things to do...Disapointed and will go else where from now on.

  9. Went in late one night before they were going to close by minutes. Still very friendly and more than happy to take time preparing my order. Was tasty, would recommend checking it out.

  10. Best by far BUT! The "ahem" delivery service is a joke! 3 times they have got the order wrong now. Will not be using them for home delivery again. How much trade are they loosing by not running a good home service i wonder? And the worst thing was when i phoned on the last time to ask them to bring what i had ordered which by the way was about £30 worth so not just a bag of chips! They told me that i was lying and that i had not ordered what i had said i ordered and theres nothing they could do about it!? This is just one person! How many other disgruntled patrons are going elsewhere due to very bad service i wonder? Shame because it is the best food this side of old trafford by far! Brown stew beef! OMG!!!!!!! ;)

  11. this shop sell good food ive been eat ja food for many yrs and u cant replace it well done j.jcn