The Wheatsheaf

Oak St., Manchester

A minor refurb and the addition of two hand pumps has breathed a bit of life back into The Wheatsheaf.  It’s always been alright for a quiet game of pool and a pint of Guinness but the addition of the ale and a bit of a (sympathetic) spruce up has just tipped it over the edge into somewhere worth going, rather than just ending up. The Wheatsheaf stands out in the area as a place which is neither too young and trendy nor too rough or dodgy. Places like the Bay Horse are too far one way and Gulliver’s too far the other (don’t get them mixed up). It’s in the Smithfield bracket of a decent boozer, but is still not one to go to for a particularly lively night. Which suits at least one of the reviewers here very well.

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