Yang Sing

Princess St

I won't bang on and on about this place as there are probably hundreds of reviews on the web. Just a short note to mention the Saturday afternoon Dim Sum 'deal' - I say deal as it only runs until 5pm. Basically you order lots of little dishes 'tapas-style'. It's a really nice way to try lots of things and no big deal if you don't like one or two of them. Six of us ordered somewhere between 15 and 20 dishes between us and only one didn't go down well - they were generally of a very high standard.  This way of eating prevented the all too common let down of main courses not living up to the starters. - dishes varied in price from about £3.50 to maybe £4.50. It's still wasn't cheap to have a feast but you can pay a lot more for a lot less - and the endless variety is a real selling point. Char Siu Parcels were probably the biggest crowd pleaser with ribs bieng the one that didn't tick many folks' boxes as they didn't have much meat on the bones - although actaully that might well have been the point, like with chicken feet. This is definitely recommended for those wishing to avoid the ubiquitous and predictable banquet selection. We had a ton of good food a few bottles of wine and a few beers and the bill was around £25/head.

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