Cask has been around a few years - it's a decent place, managing to straddle the gap between lively and too trendy pretty well. Ironically, given the name, real ale is not their main product on sale - which in our view is a misleading - it seems more focused toward European lagers. However, as Jim states below, there usually is ale and it's often good. Not a regular venue for us but certainly one of the better places of its type.  One of the negatives can be a bit of a Deansgate overspill - pretty understandable given the location.

Last few visits saw three ales on - this seems to be the norm.


  1. Slight update. I was in Cask a couple of weeks ago and it had 3 ales on. 2 of which I tried (names unremembered, Abbeydale?) both of which were on excellent form. Excellently eclectic Jukebox, (not everybody's thing, but better than piped music or Landlord CDs IMO)

  2. Thanks Jim - and you're right - we've been there quite a few times since and they've almost always had ale.