Odd, Odder & Oddest

Thomas St.
Oxford Rd.
Wilbraham Rd., Chorlton
This small Manchester chain is not bad as self consciously quirky places go – it seems a little bit contradictory to have a chain based on being different but that’s the bar world for you.  In reality the only thing different about these places are eclectic ornaments that are in every nook and cranny and black and white films playing silently on large screens. The smaller Thomas Str. and Chorlton branches, Odd and Oddest, are our favourites with the Oxford Road venue, Odder, being a little too similar to the nearby establishments, Revolution and Kro2, for our liking. So why go at all?  Well they do a variety of ale, reasonably priced food and are basically pretty good as bars go.  If you want somewhere a bit livelier and, for want of a better term, younger than the nearest decent pub these are places you can go and still get a good pint.

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  1. We have to mention the Wednesday quiz at Oddest - sample question: "What was Billy Kennedy's sheep called in Neighbours?".