Current Recommendations

Rusholme Kebab:
Pakistani/North Indian
Saajan Halal – just gets it right nearly every time.
Honourable mentions to:
Lal Quila Express -The lamb tikka is worth the trip.

Middle Eastern
Kobeda Place
Al Safa 
Afghan Cuisine

Town Kebab:
Marhaba, as the only place that does tandoor bread it’s an easy winner.
Honourable mentions:

Cheetham Hill Kebab:
Lahore Karahi
Qila Khyber
Moghuls Taste

Northern Quarter Curry Cafés:
This is really difficult as the 4 mentioned are all good, all have devotees but all have off days too:
This & That

Cheetham Hill/Strangeways Curry:
We really like all 3 and are loathed to pick one.
Moghuls Taste

Top Quality
Qila Khyber

Chorlton & Whalley Range:
Saajan Express
Zam Zam Tandoori
Taftan near the Whalley pub, maybe better to takeaway than eat in, but good value.
Turkish Delight
The Kitchen

Saajan Original - Almost Identical to the Rusholme Saajan Halal with less competition

City Centre pubs:
The Marble Arch - Classic Manchester boozer.
The Castle Hotel - An Ex-ramshackle 'old as the hills' Robinson's pub with bags of character, now swankily but tastefully refurbed. A really popular spot.

City Centre bars:
Sandbar - A really good bar with a great range of beers and plenty of charm
Bar Fringe - Been around since '94-ish, good beer decent folk, not trendy. All good.

Salford pubs:
The Crescent - A Salford institution that is still going strong. A haven for real ale fans
The Kings Arms - An interesting and attractive pub very close to Salford Central station
The New Oxford - fantastic range of real ale and cider. 36 draught items and countless bottles.

Salford Curry Cafe
Moti Mahal - Almost zero competition, great buffet deal.

Chorlton pubs & bars:
The Marble Beerhouse
The Parlour

Lazeeza - Pakistani/North Indian
Al Aqsa  - Middle Eastern

Small (2 pieces) Seekh Kebab at Saajan Halal - £2.70


  1. We used to love going to Monsoons on matchdays (Oxford Rd)then it was no more and has now been demolished. We thought the kebabs were bob on and still have weekly withdrawl symptoms.Any idea if the owners opened up elswhere ? Any suggestions for a comparable "kebab" within city centre striking distance ? Thanx

  2. Sorry no idea no the whereabouts of Monsoons business but nearest to that spot is Khans on Charles St (little road opposite the Spar). Not really a kebab place, but they do them. Other than that it's that stretch up to Abduls near the Firkin - or if back into the centre Janam on Portland St. However as City have moved (assuming from your name you support them) wouldn't you be more up ancoats direction now anyway? Loads in northern quarter - check the map:

  3. Really? No Akbars? I'm reading this blog in the land of the lost (Australia, where a good curry is harder to get than a pint of decent beer), and I've always rated it well worth the extra money, it's not even very expensive.

  4. I can recommend Anand's Deli near Hardy's Well pub. Excellent chaat's.

  5. Huddo - thanks for the comment. The reason no Akbars yet is that it's a full on restaurant rather than a cheap cafe - so it's not top of our priorities at the moment. cheers.

  6. Desi Point - Albert Road in Levenshulme, just near the train station, for rice and daal or decent lamb karahi

  7. Hey guys, it's time you did Katsouri's on Deansgate. I know it doesn't fit into your usual range, but it's a great spot - quick and top value, but gets very busy around lunchtime.

  8. Abduls is very decent, especially the Fallowfield branch.

    Rusholme chippy in, well, Rusholme does the best Kobeda and Chicken Tikka kebab in Manchester.

  9. I can highly recommend delhi2go in olham street manchester best peri peri chicken in town , nice trendy looking place.

  10. I'll absolutely second that, was wondering if perhaps it was overlooked or not on the list for another reason?!?! Rusholme Chippy does the best Kobeda I have ever eaten! Fantastic blog and great work, absolutely what I was looking for, it's just a shame I have to travel to Manchester when I live in Chester.

  11. Great website mate. Me and a few of my friends were considering doing something similar but you have a great format going on here.

    It appears you haven't been to Persian Tasty Grill in Levenshulme. One of the best we have visited in the South Manchester area. Give it a go

  12. I can recommend Buzzrocks in Hulme (Stretford Rd),
    there is another Buzzrocks in Moston that i haven't been to,
    It's Caribbean food, and definitley as good as Kool runnings in Longsight, though i'd say the rice & peas are better,
    excellent menu, spotlessly clean and modern kitchen area,
    unlike a lot of takeaways, you can see everything in this place,
    This place is apparently a big favourite of Ian Brown,
    I don't see this place listed amongst your reviews, i would love to see what you all think of it.