Turkish Delight

Barlow Moor Road, Chorlton.
Some might balk at over £6 for a kebab - and they'd be right to for a bad one, but it's a bit of a different ball game here. The main thing that irks price-wise are all the little sub-charges - extra 50p for 'naan' instaead of pitta, extra 20p for having sauce in a separate container. Silly things like that. The food's good and genuinely different, which is the main thing.

This is an authentic Turkish kebab place right in the centre of Chorlton. The lamb shish kebabs are very good here, subtly flavoured and not at all dry. The chef's special is packed with donner, kofte (similar to seekh) and chicken mince. The special is a bit greasy, but the lamb donner meat is homemade (not the factory produced elephant's foot) and very tasty. The lamb kebab costs £4.50 and the chef's special is £5.20, so the prices are higher than you would pay in Rusholme. The salad is fresh, and the sauces are interesting - with a hot tomato sauce served with the chilli sauce and yoghurt. There is seating on the pavement at the front, and this is great place to eat on a nice day. The only slight issue is the packet bread. We were offered pitta or 'naan', and we opted for the latter. It turned out to be a tasty flat bread that was warmed on the grill.

Scores out of 10
Meat 8.5
Bread 7.0
Salad/Sauces 8.0
Service/Setting 8.0
Average 7.9

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  1. Turkish is a good staple kebab joint that all in all is pretty authentic and its best plus point is its meat...surely the point of a kebab.

    The meat, as described above, is excellent and lightly spiced. The lamb shish is particularly good and always moist and succulent. The salad is good and the sauce is not very spicy but flavoursome. Its biggest let down is its bread. Out of a packet and warmed and up on the grill. For a place that is a little pricier than elsewhere and clearly has more quality in the rest of its ingredients this really isn't good enough.

    Having said that i visit Turkish a fair few times...you just have to accept the bread disappointment.
    Overall for a shish:
    Meat 8.5
    Salad 8
    Sauce 7
    Bread 3