Barbakan Delicatessen

Manchester Road, Chorlton
Right - bit of a departure this one, but it's food and it was at lunchtime so here goes.  Barbakan is a big favourite in Chorlton - primarily as a bakery and delicatessen, but we're not really in the business of pate and cheese reviewing - so we'll move on. They also serve food to eat immediately, the main hot options are the 'sizzlers' - which are essentially nice sandwiches, made on ciabatta and whacked in a hot sandwich press.  The beef sizzler was very good - the meat was cut thinly and was tender and tasty, with a good dollop of mustard, the excellent bread (as you'd hope) was suitably toasty and crisp and the addition of roast peppers and onions rather than salad made it work in the warmer format.  In terms of sheer quantity of food for your money (£3.25) its not as good value as a kebab, no real surprise there. But it was a very good sandwich and a viable alternative if you're not ravenous. The sweetener to the deal is the agreement to allow Barbakan food to be eaten in the Marble Beerhouse. A pint and a pub are a real bonus at anytime, but particularly by comparison with the crowded outdoor seating available at the premises themselves. We'd recommend combining the two into a leisurely lunchtime jaunt.

....And Saturdays mean the sausage stand, currently £3 with an array of chutneys and sauces. Very good but usually quite a wait.

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  1. The Sausage pan does get busy at peak-time lunch hours, however since they have opend up to now have 3 pans, instead of 2, the waiting times are significantly shorter. They also do a rolling range of veggie options as well now... stews, curries, chillie etc

    The guys on the pan are always game for a laugh, have a good banter with the customers, and each other.