Mother Mac's

Back Piccadilly.
This is one of a select group of hidden boozers in Manchester - places like the Jolly Angler, the Egerton Arms and Corbieres all spring to mind. Mother Mac's is tucked away behind the bustle of Piccadilly in a very dodgy looking back alleyway - it's not really a fully fledged street. This place is very old-fashioned, which lends the pub an air of authenticity that you rarely get with places in the city centre. It's a very traditional back street boozer, with only Hydes beer available on hand pump. This might not be a real ale haunt, but it is a good place to go for a few quiet pints when in town. The clientele is unusual, with a number of old Irish blokes there for the last visit and no youngsters at all. A genuinely interesting pub.

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