Halal Bites


Chapel St. Salford

So we had a go at the buffet and it was OK, just about worth the £5 but not amazing. The whole thing just seemed a bit limp - like we were the first people to have it and it had been sitting in the 'warmers' for too long. However, these didn't keep the dishes very warm. The poppadoms weren't crisp, but chewy. The curries were OK - just not hot enough at almost room temperature. There were the remnants of a chickpea dish, plenty of a lamb curry and some chicken curry. A few samosas and 'meat rolls' (kind of indian spiced spring roll) were available, along with some pretty soggy packet naan. There was plenty of pilau rice, and it was pretty good. A few of the warmers were unused or full of water. In all fairness a large plate of the rice and lamb curry would have been worth a fiver, so it's difficult to grumble.

So it was OK and we were starving. But it was the sort of thing which just looked like it didn't want to be sold - or a 'management idea' that the staff don't like. After two of us had finished eating there wouldn't have been enough for a third person - well not of the more appetising stuff, and we were probably the first customers.  It's hard to say whether it's on an upward or downward trajectory - lets hope it'll improve because it's a good deal and the food's not bad - it just feels like it was at its peak sometime before you arrived.

Sep 2010
There's a sign up advertising 'All You Can Eat' buffet for £4.99, unfortuanately it was closed at the time so we don't know what's available.

Halal Bites is an Asian run café in the old Copperheads Hotel building (near Salford Central Station). It’s very modern in appearance and approach. The menu is pretty varied and steers it a bit too far away from the format for us to qualify this places as a curry café. The menu features baked potatoes, paninis, baguettes, burgers, pasta dishes, milkshakes and numerous other things that would never be seen in somewhere like Yadgar.  There’s no ‘rice&3’ type element at all, just a choice of curry (5 options) and rice for £3.95. This is pretty reasonable. Lamb Karahi was good – slightly sweet and of a consistency not unlike more oriental offerings, however there was plenty of lamb and the taste was pleasant if not all that authentic. The rice was very nice, being subtlety flavoured and well cooked.  An additional side salad was a welcome little extra.  There wasn’t tons of food – though enough and we didn’t pay that much. Unfortunately bulking the meal out in the usual fashion – ie by adding a roti was not an option in Halal Bites, another sign that it was not curry café. This place is OK – it’s worth a go if you’re in the vicinity but in all honesty This & That 2 being so close would make it difficult for us to find much point in coming here often.


  1. Ate here last night. Very good food, good sized portions, you have to try the milkshakes. Nice selection of food very different from your run of the mill indian.

  2. Went to Halal Bites last week and had the lamb Karahi with side salad and chips. Have to say it was the nicest curry iv had for a long time, read the comment above and that's what made me put my own comment on here. The staff are very very friendly, the decor was very nice, and the toilets were clean also. Important fact for us ladies! I was so impressed with the food I got two takeouts for a couple of friends and they were really impressed. I like the fact that the menu is really varied, for my dessert I had the jam roly poly with custard and it was gorgeous. I highly highly receommend this place and as I work close by it's quite easy to pop down in my lunch break which iv done a couple of times since and can recommend the "hassan Special" chicken tikka on baguette with salad and mayo, it was really delicous and was impressed with the fact that they have my food ready and waiting for me to sit down and eat which is a big plus as I only have 30mins for lunch so no wasting time waiting for something to be cooked. On a side note for anyone wishing to order takeaway for home, I live quite a distance away and was worried that the flavours would be spoiled having to re-heat it, I didn't need to worry as it tasted just as good.

  3. Thanks very much for your comment -
    I suppose we're more into the backstreet curry cafes around the Northern Quarter which are generally much less clean and tidy than Halal Bites - in fact on an average trip we'd be in and out before the thought of a toilet trip had crossed our minds. Thanks for enlightening us to another side of the experience! - There was nothing wrong with the food - it was just less traditional than we're used to - though we're glad to see there's something for everyone. Certainly having your food ready is a massive plus. Thanks again for giving us your views.