The Angel

Angel St/Rochdale Rd.
Formerly the Beer House, this has been named the Angel for well over a year. It was a genuinely great real ale pub for a number of years - although the final stages of the Beer House saw the place truly fall from grace. It reopened with an impressive menu, but without completely surrendering the boozing element. Much of the menu has gone - along with the chef - and the pub seems to have settled down as a decent drinking venue. Real ale is certainly back on the menu here: the beer and cider range is impressive, boasting around 8 handpumps. The lighting is subtle, and - combined with an attractive interior - this makes the pub a good place for a few quiet pints in the evening. The location means the Angel is on the edge of town, but this is no bad thing as it avoids crowds of idiots. It certainly does no harm to the nearby Marble Arch.

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