Wilmslow Rd. Rusholme

Jan 2011
Still serving Shawarma and salad separately (pictured) which makes it a bit of a faff to eat, particularly if you're not 'into' any part of the mixed salad – but this is nothing insurmountable. Great stuff.

Sep 2010
Chicken Shawarma was an a excellent value meal - unlike the picture above (of chickien tikka) the meat and salad were served separately on a plate with humus and salad. It was good 'real' food - presented a bit like they do in Jaffa but with the great fresh bread rather than thin packet stuff. - Top drawer.

August 2010
Another good kebab here. The bread and chicken tikka were very good, and the salad was superb. The bloke behind the counter confirmed that Al Safa is a Kurdish establishment. 

July 2010
Al-Safa is new and is on the premises of Rusholme Kebab House.  It is about as standard a Middle Eastern type place as you can get. Featuring the same menu (and pictures) as all the others. This isn't a bad thing - they seem to do it equally well and also have the rare treat of chicken shawarma - which unfortuantely hadn't finished cooking by the time we arrived. Kobedas (£3.50 each) had to suffice - and they were perfectly good. The bread and meat were up there with the better places and the salad was excellent, featuring stuffed olives, hummus and various other tasty titbits that are a nice surprise. One slight gripe was that the small plate of salad between two was not quite enough. Though you get the impression that one diner would be served the same amount to themselves. Is there any reason to come here over Jazera, Zam Zam or Kobeda Place?  Not really - but it's good.

Scores out of 10
Meat 8.0
Bread 9.0
Salad/Sauces 8.0
Service/Setting 7.0
Average 8.0


  1. Been here three times over the past month with my pals (all of whom are Middle Eastern kebab aficionados). The fact we've been back again and again is a testament to the true genius of Al-Safa. Best in R-holme.

  2. What does one say about Al-safa? Nothing! Because you're far too busy enjoying the gastronomic pleasures of their delicious menu than chatting. I've been back time and again since discovering this gem on the mile a few of months ago; it's reasonably priced and has a very comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. If you happen to be in Rusholme and have a keen appetite, get in there and get half grilled chicken with rice and salad, it will not disappoint!

  3. its serves lovely food buts its full of perverts so ladies beware!

  4. Been to Al-safa a few times now, i travel down from Newcastle Upon Tyne with few mates and i must say its the best kebabs we've had, the food is second to none would highly recommend to anyone


  5. My old Fave place, Love the Seats, love the TV, friendly staff and hummus in the salad is a rare gem. A little pricey, but great quality. Get the special (lamb and chicken) its well worth it!!