Kro Bar

Oxford Rd.
The original part of the Kro empire. This bar is in the middle of Manchester University's campus. As such you do find a lot of students drinking in here - which isn't really a problem. The bar area is a bit too bright, but the bar is fairly well stocked. Upstairs is a better bet for a drink. The two linked rooms are rather grand with high ornate ceilings, fireplaces, large mirrors and subtle lighting. I'm not certain, but it seems likely that this was once a large house. There is plenty of outdoor seating in the beer garden at the back and the terrace at the front. There is also an eating area with a range of benches that looks like a canteen.
Not a particularly inspiring place to go, but if you get a space upstairs you can spend a pleasant enough evening in here.

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  1. You know what - the next time you get chance pop in and try the ribs. They were (strangeley) insanely good the last time I sampled.