Jabez Clegg

Portsmouth St, near Oxford Rd.
This cavernous pub is located on the Manchester University campus, set just back from Oxford Road. It's not a great place for a drink - the clientele largely consist of bored students who lack the energy to head into town. The bar staff all seem to be about 16 years old and aren't happy to serve people. There are a couple of real ales available, but this hardly makes up for the lacklustre punters and staff. The place looks okay because the large main bar has lots of exposed brickwork. It feels like the sort of pub where it would be alright to watch an important football match - which is not a great recommendation. Something strange also happens in here at around 10pm. The drinkers are ushered out of the place and it is turned into a club. This is yet another reason to avoid Jabez Clegg.

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