Halal Takeaway
Portland St

This time it was a late night trip to Janam. The place was pretty packed, and it was difficult to find somewhere to eat. The chicken donner was very tasty with decent pieces of chicken nicely flavoured in a spicy and salty marinade. The salad was fresh and the bread was pretty good. This is probably the best kebab house located in the city centre, and the central location - combined with long opening hours - makes it very convenient.
This one took us a while to get to at lunchtime, but obviously we had to get there as it's one of the more well known kebab places in the town centre. However, unless you work nearby it's not easy to get here before dark - well at least without paying for parking. 
Anyway - back to the plot. Janam has a mixed menu, primarily consisting of pizzas, kebabs and fried chicken - but they also do samosas, spring rolls, onion bhajis and a few other things. The kebabs seem to be somewhere between the Turkish and Pakistani types - not heavy on colourings and with the more Turkish type salad, but with fresh bread, not pitta - hard to classify really.
The service was good and quick, aided by the choice of chicken doner, which is already cooked. The bread seemed to be coming off a converyor belt-like production line at regular intervals, so although it wasn't cooked on the spot it was fresh. It was soft, pliable and tasty, but not overly doughy and a bit of a high point. The meat was mixed - a bit gristley but pleasant and moist - possibly a tad greasy but never mind. Salad and sauces were good, and there was an offer on meaning all kebabs came with a free drink or chips. £3.70 didn't seem too expensive given the town centre location - lack of seating might be an issue if you were banking on eating in. As a result Janam will probably never be a 'destination' venue - the food's not quite good enough to go miles out of your way for, and there's a good chance you won't be able to eat in. However, if it were more convenient, we'd eat from here more often.

Scores out of 10
Meat 7.5
Bread 8.0
Salad/Sauces 8.5
Service/Setting 6.5
Average 7.6

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