Kool Runnings

Chorlton Rd. Hulme.
Curry Steak Rice & Peas £5.50

 Curry Goat Rice & Peas

August 2012
I've been maybe 3 times in the last few months as my interest in Caribbean has increased. It's always good. I'm finding these guys and Jerk Junction neck and neck at the moment. Just when I think one has pulled ahead or slipped the other seems to up its game or be not quite as good as I remember. Curry Goat, Ox tail and Curry stead have all been excellent and good value.

November 2011
Great little trip - early on, so the goat hadn't run out. Still £5 for a medium portion - which was pretty massive, pictured top. I can't honestly say I'm into these curries as much as the Indian and Pakistani ones, but that's personal preference. They just seem a bit too based on powders to me, but there you go. It's great tasty stuff when you're in the mood and I was. I got loads of goat - succulent and delicious, on the bone and the usual rice and peas acconpaniment was as good as ever. What's to complain about? Not a lot. No wonder there's a loyal fan base

Another trip to Kool Runnings. This time it was the 'boneless chicken' with rice and peas. This was very tasty, and it was served in a gravy with carrots, onions and peppers. The cost was £5, and this included free salad. I chose coleslaw, which went well with the dish. The rice and peas are excellent here.

17/11/2010 - A bit of blurb...
Kool Runnings is a well established place doing West-Indian/Jamaican/Caribbean food (depending on who you ask). It's very professional and pretty slick - the guys working there are knowledgeable and helpful. It's essentially a large catering van. Unfortuantely Curry goat was finished for the day so I went for 'medium portion' curry steak with rice and peas. It was good hearty stuff on a cold night and they had lots of other things on offer. There was plenty of good, tender meat and it was enjoyable. I find it a bit difficult to get really excited by this sort of food as it always seems a bit lacking in zing (for want of a better term) by comparison with Asian curries. There's always a powdery/thickener vibe to it which might be 'correct' but just not particularly to my taste, and which masks the zest of the spices a little bit. Or perhaps there are condiments that I don't know about which compensate for it.  Either way, it's a minor issue. If you're into this sort of food, I'd recommend stopping here.


  1. The food here was priced fine and seem to look quite nice but throughout the meal there seem to be to much very oil not very nice or healthy maybe use a bit less lads

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