Adelphi Cafe

Oldfield Rd. Salford

Adelphi Sandwich Bar – Café – Convenience Store (and that's just what the big sign says it is)
Popped in for a couple of samosas - can't sit in and eat any more which is a shame. The Samosa were good, just a bt steep at 99p each I thought.

 Some time in 2010 I think...
It used to be a Post Office and you can still pay your bills there. Why are we even talking about it? Well, they sell homemade samosa, onion bhaji and a choice of two curries – chicken or veg. There’s not much point in a full review as this place is so different to everywhere else we go. However the curries are good - £3 for a takeaway type container of curry and rice, plus pitta and a small salad. The samosas have varied from excellent to OK – today was OK but very large – making it a reasonable meal for £4. Clearly this isn’t a curry orientated place (pre packaged containers are microwaved up to order) but we get the impression the Gujurati couple who run it know what they’re doing and the food is tasty – far better than the stuff in pubs nearby. If you want a quick bite this place in an option that may not have occurred and is worth a look – particularly to those working in Salford. Sitting at the tables in the back of the shop reading whatever papers have been left out (it’s a newsagents too), listening to Fleetwood Mac, eating curry and watching people come and go and buying Hello magazine is an experience, if nothing else.

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