Trof (Northern Quarter)

Thomas St
We've been here a few times at lunchtime, but the most recent visit was the worst. Trof is very food and coffee orientated. The sole staff member informed us (the only people at the bar) that she had some people to see to before us and carried on mucking about with the coffee machine while taking in information about orders from customers. A breif moment of clarity allowed us to decide that paying £3.60 for a pint of lager here wasn't worth it - so we left. We've had  fun here before, but not today - it's expensive and food, rather than drink, orientated at lunchtime. Being literally next door to This & That makes it an obvious post Rice & 3 stop but being overpriced, not having the basics (real ale) and generally feeling more style over substance makes it almost opposite in terms of outlook.
A fun, if fancy and expensive, bar on the right day.

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