The Crescent

March 2011
The pub is seemingly back on its feet and we're really pleased. The ale's great, the food's back on and people are coming back after a tricky few years.  What's also decent is the pricing policy - weaker ales - that's 4% and below are currently £2.25 which must be the cheapest for miles, certainly at this level of quality and not in a Wetherspoons. £3.95 for main courses and even cheaper - £2.75 for burger and chips is great value. No it's not fancy, it doesn't want to be. Great ale at a reasonable price and decent, real food. Perfect for us - it's not even about the money, it's about the ethos. We really wish the Crescent and its 'new' landlord, Steve, all the best and will be offering our support. 

Here's the lunch menu - currently 5p more expensive than shown.

October 2010
It seems to be doing better. The food was decent, and the range of beers was good. There is a lot of red decor in here which looks alright, and the refurbishment of the main pub area seems to be complete. It wasn't packed - despite being a Friday lunchtime - but it was reasonably lively. The food being back on is a bonus.

May 2010
The back room has got carpet and the TV's usually off - much less austere, good news.

As many know, the Crescent is a cracking pub with many years in the good beer guide under its belt. In recent years it has gone off the boil a bit with various changes of management. However they've still got a wide variety of great beer. One of, if not the, best around. Our trip was a Friday lunchtime so the place was pretty busy, mostly with University staff. The beer was good, as ever. The only negatives were that the fire wasn't on and that the place is looking rather austere now rather than homely. The blank walls and no carpet may look cleaner, but they're not warmer and have unfortunate acoustic effects. The wall mounted widescreen tele?... well, say no more. But it was, thankfully, switched off. Great pub, that is hopefully re-finding its feet.

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