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CLOSED - August 2010

Curry - First visit: this was both Chandni and Shalimar in previous incarnations. At the time of our first (curry) visit this place didn’t even have a name and was basically unprepared. Our second visit was for a kebab and the place seemed more settled – with completely different staff. However, it’s difficult to judge from either visit what the curries are like now. All we can do is relate it as it was and go back sometime soon. The corner positioning offers good views of the lunchtime commings and goings around Shudehill - though the interior itself is a rather stark affair. The service was poor, and we were forced to wait a long time for the food - despite ordering a simple rice and curry dish. This runs contrary to the curry cafe ethos of readily available hot food. Also, chapatis were not available. The food was pretty bland and badly cooked. – the kebab review is separate. This place basically wasn’t ready – after chatting to the main man when we went for kebabs. We are more hopeful of getting something decent next time. Although, as it stands, the results are pretty poor.

Curry - Revisit: forget it. This is just as bad as before - even with new staff and time to settle in. We don't think this place really wants to serve curry. Three dollops of tomatoey mush and raw onion were presented, containing chicken, lamb and chickpeas. The food had hardly any flavour at all, with not even enough salt. This would be poor even by pub curry standards. It was an edible plate of hot food but that was it. This place is, for now, off the list for curry cafe venues.

Key Ingredients 10.0 (out of 20)
Other Food 7.0 (out of 10)
Service Setting 5.0 (out of 10)
Value for Money 2.5 (out of 5)
Range 2.0 (out of 5)
Average Rating 5.6 (out of 10)

The range is relatively small with no lamb tikka or starters available. The chicken and seekh kebabs were freshly and nicely cooked with a well judged array of salad and sauces - that can be added as desired by the customer, which is a welcome touch. The bread was fresh and of an unusually doughy but crispy quality - which made for a pleasant and filling meal. One of the best kebabs available in this area of town - however the place is rather dreary and gloomy.

Scores out of 10
Meat 8.0
Bread 8.5
Salad/Sauces 8.0
Service/Setting 5.0
Average 7.4

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