Moghuls Taste

53 Bury New Rd. M8 8FX - Strangeways

(Rice and) Lamb and split peas, chicken kofte and karhi lamb. (Rice and) chicken karahi, spinach and potato, lamb and split peas.
'Mixed Sandwich' on naan - chicken and seekh. Chicken kebab on chapatti + sauces.
Steaming Lamb, Haleem and Keema & Potatoes 
check out the kofte and egg! 

We do really like Moghuls, the portions are large and the food is good. The only drawback is the lack of space - or to put it another way, its popularitiy, which is justified but also can make it a bit oppressive. You've no guarantee of a seat at the communal tables and there's a fair chance there will be someone right next to you. That's not necessairly a big issue but you've got to be in the mood.

March 2012
Can't quite believe it's been this long, but then there's plenty of competition round here. I had half keema & Karela (bitter gourd) and a half lamb chop Karahi. It was great but I can't figure out the pricing here. It seems that half anf half of 2 curries constitutes a price greater than one of either. Bit weird. Still cheap overall - still good, I'll stop moaning.

September 2011
6th - Easy to forget just how good it can be here. The veg dishes and chops curry stood out today.

August 2011
19th - karahi gosht, chicken and keema - chicken a bit dry but no big deal, still very good here.

Not loads to say - very good again. particularly chicken saag.

July 2011
Another great little trip, my companion complained he didn't get as much as me - the novice server being more generous than the (probable) manager. In the end we both got plenty. Karahi lamb, keema matar, chicken Saag and Chickpeas all being excellent.

June 2011
Back on form - haleem, centre is lamb and lentils cooked to oblivion and although it looks like chippy curry is, in fact, great stuff.

Fine but not exceptional. Just didn't have much flavour today - not sure why. A rare mediocre visit.

Cold day meant steaming keema and peas. Just the ticket. Strangely there was a 'chinese' dish on offer - Chicken Manchurian apparently. Didn't look great and we didn't bother.

Great food - haleem, karahi gosht and chickpeas. top notch and great value but almost oppressively full. Tricky one this as Moghuls is a bit of a victim of its own success. Top Quality and Qila Khyber are nearly as good food-wise and are usually more pleasant and relaxed. Tough call.

Good trip - nice to see the rare classic of pakora in yoghurt sauce (centre):
This time we came because everywhere else was shut at 12.30 on a Saturday. That wasn't a major problem as it's a good place! Lamb on the bone, chicken on the bone and chickpeas. Good stuff - though not remarkably so by Moghuls' own high standards.

Less busy than last time - and all the better for it. Food still good and good value. 

This was the first time we have been here and not enjoyed the trip. The main problem was the clientele. There were two young lads 'bartering' at the counter, rather than just ordering. The place was packed out, and they try to get too many people into what is a fairly small area. This meant that people were bumping into each other, which is not great when coupled with some inconsiderate punters. The food was fine - we had mixed kebabs of chicken tikka and seekh - but this is not the best lunchtime venue when it is very busy.

Good portion of fish tikka was £4. It seems they do batches and whack it in the warmer, which is preferable to some places chilling it down and microwaving it. Decent if you want a slightly lighter meal. 

Great again, kofte and egg (pictured) being a rare treat. Having the curries on chicken biryani was unnecessary and £1.60 more - but what are you going to do if offered? King on the curry cafes. 

As below. Keema and potatoes was a suprising star dish. 

We love it here and go all the time - no point going on about it.

Halloween Nehari - just a quick note on this one. Like many Curry Cafes, Moghul Taste does the long cooked nehari (or nihari) on a a Sunday. Theoretically cooked all night until falling apart. It's delicious.  They had a few other dishes on (but not the usual 9-10 curries) - including 'chicken rice' which was a sort of rudimentary biryani which complemented the nehari wonderfully. Four trips in a week is possibly overdoing it - but the whole Sunday thing is a bit of a different ball-game, like a Sunday Roast equivalent - that's pretty much all they do that day and if you don't want it don't go.

Three days, three trips - says it all. Love it.
Third trip in as many days was bound to spell trouble - or so we thought.  However it was just as good as the others, without the added pizaz and adventure of a new find.  Having the 'wheat & meat', Pakistani classic, Haleem was a real treat. The only minor fly in the ointment was the refulsal to substitute rice for chapatti in a rice&3 type way. It's simple enough and other places do it - but not here, chapattis are 'too expensive' apparently. So the price for 3 curries and a chapatti is £5.50.  The price for rice & 3 curries AND a chapatti is £5.50 - effectively making rice free. Slightly weird but you've got to see it as rice&3 being a good deal rather than anything else.

Kebabs not quite up to the curries but how could they be? Plus we now know the curries do change daily and the tandoor bread is first rate.
Back for grills and bread – aka kebabs.  Somehow getting kebabs in ‘Curry Cafes’ just doesn’t work. We can’t really fault any component of our food today but not being a ‘Kebab House’ affects the experience: with no choice of salad or sauces being the one actual tangible issue. However, the bread, meat, salad and sauces all ranged from good to excellent. There is not an extensive range on offer, but well cooked and marinated chicken and excellent seekhs made for a good meal. However if we want kebabs we probably won’t come here for them. This is mainly because we’ll always end up having the curries – there were 9 on the board again today, completely different from yesterday and featuring a whole, from scratch, Lamb Biryani and a ‘Qorma’ (never seen that spelling before).
The curries are so good and varied that having anything else seems a bit daft, plus the experience of being in a well drilled Kebab House can’t be beaten – and it is just different from anything else. We’ll probably be going to Kobeda Place or Saajan Halal for this sort of food – though this was a fine effort, just not quite the same.

We love it here, we’ll be back and today we found out the tandoor bread was first rate too.

First outing was a real cracker, definitely recommended – we’ll be back very soon.
Quite why it took us so long to find this place is a bit of a mystery – particularly as it’s been around for 8 years. There’s no point dwelling on this because we’ll soon be frequenting the place if the first visit was anything to go by. The décor in Moghuls Taste is pretty classic for the type – big communal tables being the only real difference of note. All the usual stuff is here and even on a Tuesday at midday it was busy and lively with good a mixture of clientele – always a good sign. The entire menu was on two blackboards at the front – whether it changes much remains to be seen. There were plenty of staff and they seemed on the ball. So far, so good.
Rice & 3 being the archetypal dish (and also the best way to try a few different things) was duly ordered by all three of us. Karahi chops, karahi chicken, lamb and karela (bitter gourd), lamb and splitpeas, chana daal and chicken kofte were some of the ten available dishes. They were served on large, oval plates, and the guy serving did not skimp. One of us got 3 chops, as his portion of the karahi; another got 2 large kofte, rather than one. You probably get the picture. The only down side of this is that it is too much to supplement with bread. Indeed next time (very soon) only bread will be ordered. A few grilled seekhs and naan went past as we ate and they looked fresh and excellent.
There were absolutely no complaints on the food – rich and tasty without being oily, deftly bridging the gap between This & That (too bland and basic for some) and the generic Rusholme oil fest. In general we loved it. The chicken kofte was perhaps a slight disappointment but it’s always a risky dish – halal minced chicken being pretty variable. Everything else was pretty much as good as anywhere. Having coriander, chillies and freshly grated ginger to add as we liked was a welcome addition. Prices were pretty standard, and good for the quantity and quality: £5 for any rice &3 combination, 40p roti, 80p naan. £3.50 chicken tikka kebab. It's nice to see somewhere decent not overdoing it.
It’s easy to go overboard under these circumstances as so many places are generic and disappointing, so it will take a while to get a real measure of this place, but our first impressions are excellent. In case you can’t tell, we’re excited!

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  1. First trip on Moghuls Taste today. Placed was busy and service quick. I enjoyed Lamb Nehari, Chickpeas and Potatoes with a chapatti. Great value for £5.50 and complimented with coriander and chillies. Tasty stuff. Thanks for the recommmendation!