Sangam Fast Food Bar

Slightly confusingly, its own advertising calls it Sangam Fast Food bar, Cafe Bar and Kebab House - we're going with what's written on the menu. However, it's definitely Sangam - in the same block as the quite highly rated restaurant and pretty much the first Rusholme destination from the town centre direction. A previous visit was not very successful - it was quite bleak and futuristic - almost as though you were enclosed in a metal cage or in Lazer Quest with the lights on. Since then Sangam has been heavily refurbished, and it is very clean and modern. The effect has been to make it bland and characterless with uncomfortable seating, which is compounded by the loud dance music playing. On a positive note, the kebabs have improved greatly and were very good. The meat was plentiful, tasty and very well cooked, and the naan was nicely browned (although it was not made in a tandoor). The salads and sauces are clearly laid out - which makes it easier for the diner to see and pick what they want, and the chilli sauce was very good. The music and the decor really let this place down - however if you're taking your kebab away with you there's no problem.

Scores out of 10
Meat 8.0
Bread 8.0
Salad/Sauces 8.5
Service/Setting 6.0
Average 7.6

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