Spice Kitchens

Pakistani/North Indian style - Wilmslow Road, Rusholme.

Very Decent Chicken Shawarma for £2.50

Shami and Samosa, £1.50

Takeaway, Staff Curry - tasty but pretty oily
 Pretty lack lustre seekhs, but they'd travelled quite a way.
March 2012
£2.50 for their chicken doner/shawarma is one of the best deals around. Fresh bread and decent salad and sauces complete the package. Recommended as incredible value.

February 2012
First time in a long while eating in. I'd recommend it. It was half term so the place was much less busy,  due to a large part of the usual crowd being from the nearby FE college. £2.50 for the pictured chicken shawarma was a steal. They had a few different salads and sauce options and everything was cooked well - the bread fresh and crisp etc. Nothing amazing but the basics done well and at £2.50 you can't go wrong.

4th September 2011 - Takeaway order.
Good flavours but rather oily - not a massive issue for me as you can just tip it off. The daal was excellent and earthy, tasting strongly of fenugreek, the staff lamb was good - as you'd expect and the chicken Makhani was delicious and decadent in equal measure. The seekhs were a bit of a let down - as you'd expect being a delivered quite some distance. Grill stuff is always better on the spot. You can second guess these things but when seekhs call you have to answer really - and again I wasn't that fussed. One point to note was that the whole thing was pretty damn spicy - again fine for those used to it but perhaps a bit much for anyone of timid palate.

30/03/10 - latest visit
The seekh and bread were pretty good this time. The meat was not overcooked, and the bread was as good as you can expect without a tandoor (we had chapatti and naan). The £2 'offer' for a small seekh is still on, so perhaps this is just the standard price.

Spice kitchens is on the site formerly occupied by Kashmiri Spice – however there’s been a major refurbishment and there is now a semi-open kitchen. It is very light and modern, with large glass walls, which make the place rather cold in November.  A result of the refurb is the attraction to youngsters form the local college, a few groups of whom were the other diners.  The menu is standard North Indian/Pakistani kebab house – (ie including curries and pizzas).  The staff were nice and helpful, however there was a certain amount of confusion about a few things. The starters (a shami and a samosa) were excellent. The kebabs were tasty but not faultless – the bread was excellent but the meat overcooked. It is often the case with lamb kebabs – it was on far too long and cut too many times to speed up cooking. Perhaps a chicken kebab on another day would be better, though the overcooked seekh didn’t do anything to strengthen that case. However, £2 for a small seekh is good by any standards – that was, possibly, an ‘introductory’ type offer. Unless you really like the décor there’s no particular reason to go here rather than any other half decent place nearby – Saajan, Al Madina, Lal Quila Express etc. It’s not a terrible place but dry, overcooked meat is a pretty basic error - luckily one that's easily fixed.

Scores out of 10
Meat 6.0
Bread 9.0
Salad/Sauces 7.0
Service/Setting 7.0
Average 7.25


  1. Tried this place last night, very impressed, curries excellent and top notch bread. Great blog btw, I have found a couple of hidden gems on here.

  2. spice kitchen you are good in poisoning food . I kept on vomiting all day.shut spice kitchen down .please be scary to eat here

  3. spice kitchen you poisoned my food.I vomited whole day.shut down spice kitchen .be weary and scary to eat at spice kitchen