Oldham St.
Sep 2010
Gulliver's has had a revamp as an alternative music venue - hard to believe. There's a bouncer turning away people who look troublesome and there's been an effort made to get the place out of its former identity (see below)  We've no idea how this will pan out but wish them luck with the venture. There being no real ale on the night I went was a disappointment, but let's give them a chance to find their feet.

Gulliver's is an old stlye pub which is very differnt from the more modern and trendy bars in the Northern Quarter. There's no real ale but on the plus side there's loads of Karaoke. It's OK when nobody's there but when it's busy Karaoke and scuffling seem to be the major pursuits. If you want a change from the more expensive trendy bars this might be somewhere to visit but that's about the only recommendation we can make.

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