Stockport Rd, Longsight
Middle Eastern Kebab House

If you've been to any of the Middle Eastern places in Rusholme (Kobeda Place, Al-Safa, Al-Quds etc) you'll feel very at home here. Excellent clay oven naan, a range of grilled meats - kobeda, chicken, chops etc - (and in this case Chicken Sharwarma) and a few extra rice based dishes such as Qabili Pilau.  This is a pretty set format for an eatery and what adds to their similarity are the identical pictures of food they have on their boards and menus. But so what? It's good - if not different. Our food today was very good - the chicken shawarma was juicy and tasty with just the right amount of marinade and the kodeda was meaty and solid, without being too 'burgery' or fatty. The salad was fine and the sauces only OK, but this was redeemed with top notch bread form the clay oven - which is apparently wood fuelled for extra flavour.  No it wasn't an eye opening explosion of mystery - it was just plain old very good.  Nice to see chicken shawarma in one of these places too as it's becoming slightly rare. The staff were nice and helpful too - apparently the main man is Afghani, though there are no particularly Afghani dishes on show. The prices were good - £3 for the kobeda and £3.50 chicken shawarma. A very good place and seemingly the only one of its type in this end of town.

Meat 8.5
Bread 9.5
Salad/Sauces 7.0
Service & Setting 8.5
Average 8.4

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  1. This place is the bomb. In my opinion, Al Quds has gone somewhat downhill over the past year. Al-Safa still a firm favourite, but a visit to Al-Aqsa is a must if you're at that end of town. JW

  2. Went last week. Its had a make-over since the picture above, so don't be put off by that!

    The bread is indeed magnificent. I mean really really good and worth visiting just for that. The meat was good, well spiced but perhaps a bit over salted. The sauce again was good. The salad was unoriginal and frankly they should be doing better. It was fresh, yes, but huge onion chunks basic iceberg and just no imagination.
    Bread 9.5
    Meat 7
    Sauce 6
    Salad 4

  3. Went in February during time of refit, food is good one particular staff member had a problem with customers, he was complaining about customers in general before going on to call me a fat sod (in pashto language)to his colleagues when i asked for napkins!
    When i later asked for a bottle of water and asked whether it was a good choice as low fat he was clearly embarrased but no apology was offered
    Not been back since - shame as the kobedas, lamb chops, naan's even the pizzas all good but not worth giving them money and receiving insults

  4. One of the best Kebab houses in the Longsight area of South Manchester.