Panicos & Yianni's

Barlow Moor Road, Chorlton
Great Stone Road, Stretford
Yianni’s is a recent off-shoot of Panicos in Chorlton, which itself has been around for a number of years. They are slightly unusual in what they serve - Greek-style kebabs plus ‘chippy stuff’. However, what sets these places apart is that the kebabs are actually rather good – chicken, pork, lamb, haloumi and doner are all well cooked and tasty. The doner is the particular surprise, the trick being that it is cooked again on the grill to brown the individual pieces which improves it no end.  Of course the ‘naan’ bread is thin and from a packet, the other option is pitta – again from a packet, which is usual for these sorts of kebabs – there’s a choice of sauces and salad, both of which are fresh and well served – and the guys behind the counter know what they’re doing (regulars at Panicos will recognise faces at Yianni’s). These might be the sorts of places you’d overlook – assuming them to be just chippies doing a few extra bits – actually they’re a fair bit better than that and for kebabs of this type they certainly hit the spot.


  1. Panico's on Barlow Moor (near near Abbey/ Santander)is about as good a kebab hopuse as I've ever had.
    Try the Lamb and Haloumi mix - freshly cooked good meat and salads, all freshly cooked over a grill in front of you by fellas that have a lots of pride in their trade. I cant find better.

  2. Love Panico's - been going there for years. Halloumi kebabs, chips (with relish) and fallafel are always really nice. Occasionally they get a bit flustered when busy but the food's always good.