The White Lion

Liverpool St.

Difficult one this, it’s not trendy (loads of silly haircuts and tight jeans), which is a plus – and not rough (feels like a fight will break out any second) - that’s another plus. So has it become the promised land of just a decent, normal boozer? Well, not quite as the beer’s pricey and there are fruit machines and big teles.  I think you could analyse yourself in knots about this place (which is also a Chinese takeaway, to add to the confuciun). Best not to bother. It’s a decent old style boozer with a few hand pumps, tellies, fruit machines – nice old big bar, massive beer garden and two menus – English and Chinese. To explain a bit, the couple who run the place are English and Chinese, hence the mix of cultures, not that that’s a bad thing in this case. Also the Landlady is a vociferous and friendly character. We wouldn’t go miles out of our way to come here, but if you’re around and about it’s another decent boozer on the list.

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