The Bar

Wilbraham Road, Chorlton

September 2012 - I don't eat here often. Instead of a 'main' I went for 2 hot bar 'snacks'. They were massive! Beef chilli nachos and Pulled pork with corn fritters. I'm not complaining, I really enjoyed them and was stuffed. Good fun. Should've realised they wouldn't be tiny at £5-7 ish each but I didn't. Ah who cares? Not me.

July 2011 - Perhaps the whole coffee and cake thing has gone too far. A new fridge on the bar to dsiplay cakes.

FEB 2011 - Still a pretty regular haunt of ours, nothing much changes (other than staff). This suites us fine - no change is good.
April 2010. The bar at The Bar has gone through a bit of a revamp with all the keg stuff being shifted to the right of the central pillar and the cask to the left.  There are now around 20 beers on tap and apparently the small area to the far left of the bar (currently featuring large leather couches) is getting some more 'ale conducive' furniture. As regular patrons we're pleased with the ale situation and hope the change in layout works well.

General Stuff
The Bar is about as close to a good pub as you can realistically get without being one. It’s got the beer, the regulars, the worn in vibe, decent staff, food and pretty much everything else you want in a good pub – only it’s a bar not a pub.  Which is kind of the problem with Chorlton in general really. However, for a good few years The Bar has led the way with its approach (very similar to and with the same owner as Knott Bar on Deansgate) to real ale drinking establishments in this area.  If you can get over the things that all bars of this type have in common – massive windows, no carpets and hence annoyingly loud acoustics, big open spaces instead of little rooms – to cut a long story short, that they are in fact bars and not pubs, then you could be on to a really good thing.  The Marble Beerhouse and The Bar have been vying for Chorlton’s top spot for a number of years and long may they continue, though the competition is getting stronger.

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