Lahore Karahi

Cheetham Hill Rd.

Pictured dishes: small seekh on naan £2.50, Fish Masala £4.50 and Chicken Shawarma £3.70

September 2011 - Back for a seekh kebab, good, but it was a shame the chappati wasn't done in the tandoor like had been the case in the past - the seekhs were excellent; charred, fresh and herby - exactly what you want.

Jan 2011
Seekh on naan - just the ticket and still £2.50. The place is a bit loud and chromy, but the food's good. Curries look great, though we're yet to try as not really priced for lunchtime bites.

May 2010 - we go here regularly, it's good - seekhs particularly so. Chicken Shawarma isn't always available so we gave it a go too - a little blander than some but still decent.

23/02/10 Revisit just to check, chicken, seekh, lamb all excellent, bread excpetional.

This is last of the Cheetham Hill bunch – and definitely not least.  Yes it does curries too (not rice & 3 style) but this place is much more in the standard Pakistani style kebab house than any of the others round here.  It’s clean and bright, there were a variety of kebab skewers marinading away under the clear glass front – along side the usual starter favourites and cold containers of various curries ready for reheating. So far so familiar. We ordered seekh and lamb kebabs – and were asked to take a seat in the usual fashion.  The guy behind the counter was very accommodating – serving separate sauces with the lamb kebab and even asking for a preference as to how it should be cooked – ‘well done or juicy’ which is a welcome first.  The meat for both kebabs was excellent, and the naan was some of the best I’ve ever had in a Pakistani place – fresh form the tandoor, crisp on the back, soft inside and a great flavour. The salad and sauces were fine too – a nice sweetness was present in the chilli sauce and the salad was varied and fresh. Interestingly the menu also offers middle eastern cuisine – and it was noticeable that the kebabs were sprinkled with a dry spice mix and lemon juice, in the Middle Eastern style. The seekh mixture and the lamb marinade were both very nice, with no hint of the dreaded 'bright red salt' about either of them.  There was a spicy warmth indicating the use of garam masala or similar spices either present at the start or added from the mystery shaker just before serving.  This is as a good a kebab as I’ve had lately – and £2.50 for a double seekh was excellent value. £4.50 for the lamb was possibly touch over the top when compared with £3.30 in Rusholme, but it was also very good. This is a really good venue for kebabs – there’s possibly nowhere better on this side of town.
Scores out of 10
Meat 9.0
Bread 9.5
Salad/Sauces 9.0
Service/Setting 8.5
Average 9.0


  1. March 2010
    Lahore Karahi has very much become a regular venue for various reasons - there's no point reviewing everytime unless something miraculous happens - it's a very good place.

  2. the management has changed and now the food is not quility

  3. the food is not good there due to change of management now

  4. very nice really enjoyed it will go again