Moti Mahal

Chapel St. Salford

Rice & 2 curries. £2.99
Buffet curries and naan

November 2011
Best trip yet. Lamb Jal Freizi, Chicken and Urid Daal and pliau rice. Fresh chappati on demand - and refill your plate when you want. For £5. Fantastic value. Pictured bottom. 

October 2011 - a few days later.
Circumstances consipired to give me a second go at this place a few days later and it was far better than before. I had the buffet, 3 curries were available, chicken karahi, lamb rogan josh and a cauliflower and potato dish. There were all distinct and tasty. No starters available, however getting a proper lamb dish in a £5 all you can eat buffet is pretty decent. The naan were done freshly as required, which was another unexpected bonus. It's good value here and very decent food. Some might find it a bit oily but personally I can accept that as part of the deal, alternate with chicken kebabs and your arteries will be fine. Probably.

October 2011
These premises, within the old Copper Heads hotel building have changed hands a few times in the last few years. Halal Bites was the first Asian food outlet - followed by Kaarma, so short lived that I never went. Possibly this is due to the slightly confusing nature of the establishments themselves. Part curry cafe, part sandwich shop, with paninis, kebabs and wraps all (sort of) on offer - then ice creams and milkshakes rear their sweet heads - and the whole thing becomes slightly disjointed. It just doesn’t quite convince me as a coherent idea and I worry that the patrons aren't really committed to anything in particular, which generally yields poor results. Moti Mahal offers a £5 buffet, which seems reasonable value - although by the time I left, 12.45, there were only 2 curries and rice available. I'd been offered rice & 2 curries for £2.99 - I don't know if that's a standard offer or just made up due to the lack of buffet options. So chicken curry and chickpea curry we the dishes of the day. It wasn’t a massive portion but fine for the price - how could it not be?  Unfortunately the curries were a tad undercooked, the tell-tale aroma of raw turmeric powder hung in the air and the onions looked far from integrated into the slightly bitty sauce. Clearly the whole thing was rushed, possibly things improve over the day - or will as the business gets into its stride.  As ever, we wish them the best - but also wish places wouldn't open and take custom before they're ready.

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  1. Have ordered from there for delivery a few times. Veggie-wise, it's very good with the starter "cholle batura" being almost as filling as a main. They do good paneer though including Shahi Paneer which is gorgeous and creamy.